5 Best Study Habits to Enhance Effective Learning

Study Habits to Enhance Effective Learning

GUIDE ABOUT STUDY HABITS TO ENHANCE EFFECTIVE LEARNING  | Every student desires to achieve his or her educational goals and objectives. For this achievement, following a set of particular good habits is very important. We all know reading, memorising, and listening are important.

But additionally, to this, students must follow some study habits to increase their effectiveness in learning. We will be discussing the main five study habits that all students must inculcate in their lifestyles which are

  • Note-making is important.
  • Punctuality with work.
  • Focus on interaction and participation.
  • Healthy eating and sleeping.
  • Positivity is important.

Let us discuss all these five habits to enhance effective learning and ways to follow them in detail. This will help students to learn effectively and develop an efficient lifestyle of living and learning.

 Become more effective learners: habits to adopt

  1. Note making is important

Many students don’t have a habit of writing and making notes. This affects their learning a lot. Note making has several benefits such as a better understanding of the information, helping to relate with the content better, reducing the difficulty level of memorising, and scoring well in exams.

To ensure effective learning, students must follow this habit.

  • Focus on making notes after reading every topic. This will help learners to understand better. Also by writing in our own words, students can relate to the texts better.
  • Make notes of every subject so that you can use them for revisions, exam preparations, and much more.

All the students to become successful in education should have the habit of punctuality. In most cases where students cannot achieve quality, learning is because they are less disciplined and less punctual with their duties and responsibilities.


Because of this, they are not able to accomplish their academic goals and objectives. To develop this habit, what students should do is

  • Try to avoid the practice of procrastination as much as you can. Don’t delay any of your work and try to complete it before or at the divided time only.
  • Timely sleeping is very important. Sleep at the right time at night so that you can wake up early to complete all the planned tasks for the day.
  1. Focus on interaction and participation

Developing this habit will not only help in academics but will also help in achieving success in career, jobs. The more we can interact and participate the better communication and interpersonal skills we have.

Enhance Effective Learning

All the students should never miss any opportunity to participate in the class whether learning traditionally or via online live class.

  • Whenever teachers ask you a question, try to speak without hesitation and fear of being judged. This will help you to become more confident learners.
  • Don’t feel that participation only means giving the right answers. Doubt raising, discussing with friends and teachers, and sharing your thoughts also is a form of interaction.
  1. Healthy eating and sleeping

For effective learning, healthy lifestyle habits are also very important. If learners want to focus and concentrate better on their studies, they should maintain a healthy balanced diet and proper sleeping schedules.

  • Students should avoid munching and overeating unhealthy snacks and junk food. Try to eat a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients like, carbs, calcium, protein, and vitamins. This will keep their body and mind super fit, active.
  • Try to sleep for six to eight hours daily. This will help learners to overcome the problem of procrastination and stay attentive, active in a live class or traditional class.

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  1. Positivity is necessary

Negativity and effectiveness cannot go hand in hand. Negative minds are often surrounded by stress, pressure, and overthinking. An over pressured mind is not able to learn and grow in life effectively. Therefore all learners must focus to have a positive mindset.

  • Whenever you feel stressed or worried, talk to your parents, teachers, or friends. The suggestions and feedback received can help you to overcome the issues and surround yourself with positivity.
  • Practice meditation. The habit of daily meditation will help students to keep their minds calm, composed, relaxed and active.


To achieve quality education and other success in life, following certain good study habits to enhance effective learning and lifestyle is very important. All students should follow these above-mentioned habits in this regard.

One more thing to remember is that dedication and determination. To follow and adopt these habits as well, students must have a determined attitude. This will help them keep going on the right path to achieve their goals and objectives in life.

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