A Quick Paintball Gun Buying Guide

Paintball Gun

Did you know a game of paintball could last hours, seconds, or even days? Plan an epic paintball game with your friends this summer. If you plan on buying a new paintball gun, we can help.

This guide will go over the different types of paintball guns to consider. You’ll find out what to look for when shopping online or in person.

Are you ready to learn more? Keep reading.

What’s Your Price Range?

What’s your budget for this purchase? Paintballing can become an expensive pastime. Most people will first buy a paintball gun.

The cost of the paintball gun will get determined by its designs, features, and brand. Most paintball guns will get made from plastic or metal. Some have extra features like spare barrels or electronic shooting modes.

Most sellers will offer a starter kit or a bundle. The best selection will come with accessories needed for paintballing.

What Paintballs Get Used?

What kind of paintballs will you use? Some paintball guns will need a specific type of paintball. Paintballs will come in different sizes and colors. The three main calibers of paintballs include .50, .68, and .43 caliber.

Paintball uses

The difference in the size is the size of the drilled hole. Smaller paintballs will have holes drilled through them to have more paint. This also allows for improved coverage on targets.

The 0.68 caliber is the beginner paintball and is less expensive. You can buy these paintballs in bulk.

Mechanical Paintball Guns

You could get a mechanical paintball gun. This kind of paintball gun is a modified airsoft gun. The main difference is that you don’t have an electronic trigger system. With this paintball gun, you have a mechanical blowback system. It mimics the action of firing a real gun.

The reloading process will get simulated by the semi-automatic or automatic slide mechanism. Spent shells shift outside of the magazine. Then, they move in a chamber behind the barrel when it moves forward.

The main advantage is they are a lot quieter and aren’t as expensive as electric paintball guns.

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Electronic Paintball Guns

You could get electric paintball guns that are either automatic or semi-automatic. They will cost more than your other options but can also get used in wet conditions.

Different from mechanical paintballs, electronic paintball guns need batteries. You will end up replacing them every so often.

Electronic paintball guns are quite similar to an electric airsoft gun. They don’t fire pellets. The main difference is they shoot capsules filled with gelatin dye. They are way more precise than traditional paintballs.

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Have Fun Shopping for a Paintball Gun

Do you want an electric or mechanical paintball gun? We hope this guide on how to buy a paintball gun was helpful. You should consider the different types of paintball guns and what you would prefer.

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