Top 10 Best Expense Manager Apps for 2022

GUIDE ABOUT BEST EXPENSE MANAGER APPS | We and our family place a great deal of importance on managing our money. It’s interesting to note that all the parents keep a record of how much money has been spent and how much is left over at the end of the month.

The fact that they don’t matter doesn’t matter to me. This sort of management will be tedious and boring to me. Some people feel that this kind of management can’t be beneficial for us.

There are a number of resources available on the internet on logical and psychological aspects of managing money, and why it is so vital in today’s world. Those who wish to use expense tracking apps will find this blog to be very useful. Use them blindly (don’t trust anyone else).

We are now entering the modern era, and everything is changing. You can use this opportunity to do something good for humanity that can benefit you greatly.

Timesheets are a time-consuming task that most of us cannot do on a daily basis. While we may be able to complete the task perfectly, most of our generation will be lazy and stuff their heads.

To ensure that our young generation won’t be stuck at any one point, we must perform well work. Look at our pocket before reading this blog and check here and there; have you got a smartphone? Currently, this app only works on Android phones.

Here, you’ll find a list of the top Android expense trackers available.

Top 10 best Expense Manager apps:

  • Andromoney
  • Goodbudget
  • iSaveMoney
  • Splitwise
  • Ivy Wallet
  • Manager Expense
  • Manager Mint
  • Walnut Money
  • Wallet
  • Monefy


The expense manager app on Google Play has been one of the best for quite some time. Personally, I used this application for six to eight months. It is very helpful in keeping a record of my daily activities.

Although there are many other apps on google play related to expenses, Andromoney has so far been the best in terms of alerting her about her expenses. Andromoney works well for tracking budgets.

Andromoney Best Expense Manager Apps

Developed by this app developer, the app has a simple user interface that is easy to operate. As well as helping you create expenses, the app also allows you to plan your budget. Furthermore, you can easily track all your accounts.

Through the use of bar and pie graphs, you are able to clearly see your earnings and expenses over time. The fact that this app allows you to put data into an excel sheet easily makes it very useful. Switching between devices is no problem with this app.

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There is a second-best app in our best app list that comes from the max feature, which is commonly referred to as a money manager. By reading your SMS inbox, this app extracts important information about your expenses, merchants, and categories.

Walnut managing app

Expense types, merchants, and categories are grouped together in the information. Many people use this app to track expenses and analyze data.  Using this app, you can export your data in CSV and PDF formats.

Here we will discuss expense feature of this app:

  • money transfers
  • remind you to pay Credit Cards
  • locate nearby ATM
  • access your bank account
  • track the cash flow in Credit Cards

Additionally, you can split the bill with friends.

Expense Manager:

Apps like Andromoney are similar to this one. Andromoney is the third-best expense manager we’ve reviewed. They are known to be very good budgeting apps for Android phones.

As you need this application to have a simple interface, the application has a simple interface. It has all the other expensive features you expect from an app like this.


  • Multiple accounts provides and can handle
  • You can easily create alert receiving bills
  • Payment methods add
  • Reports are simple but informative

All data is stored on your SD card or synced to Google Drive or Dropbox. Besides a currency converter and loan calculator, it also comes with an interest calculator.


For micro businesses and side gigs, Mint is one of the best expense tracking apps known for its personal finance tools. There’s a lot to like about Mint.

mint app

This software comes from Intuit, which is an industry leader in its field. Budget tracker apps are limited when it comes to striking the right balance between simplicity and sophistication.

  • Android and iOS versions are available.
  • wide range of banks and lenders.
  • credit monitoring
  • free expenses tracking

In the app, you can sync financial accounts or enter transactions manually. Your spending is tracked all in one place with Mint so you can see everything in one place. With the app, you can see your total spending by category at a glance.


Despite the fact that you may be hesitant about storing all your card information on your phone or another device, you should know that they are completely safe from fraud. After you enter your card details into your mobile wallet, the merchant (and anyone else) cannot see your data.

For android users who are looking for expense trackers, wallet Budgetbackers is the best app. However, this app does not provide an excellent UI experience. Like some of the apps on our list, it does not disappoint with its usability given its extensive features.

Key points:

  • Approximately 3500 banks participate in the transactions
  • multiple account support and categorized
  • Reports imports
  • Export data

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According to the App Store, Goodbudget is an effective budgeting tool in the list of best expense manager apps for many people. However, goodbudget is also a high-maintenance app. The app does not automatically sync with your bank account or credit card, so to stay up to date you have to manually enter every transaction.

This money management app for Android, called Goodbudget, also makes the list. You categorize expenses using envelopes (old school). Getting detailed spending reports is easy. You can set goals, automate transactions, and get detailed spending reports.


  • Using our credit cards
  • Envelops of cash
  • Web-based interface easy to use
  • Use And connect multiple devices

The subscription-based service offers ad-free access and premium features.


Spending and expense tracking made easy with iSaveMoney, a FREE app. Adding income, expense accounts, and categories can be done with the touch of a finger using this budget app.

Saving money is very easy with Isavemoney. They have a good interface. Here are the best budgeting apps after a long search. You can easily export your data to CSV, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

These native cloud services are synchronized with it. You can transfer your data to other apps without having to be concerned about losing it, since your data will be safe at all times.


  • They Used in in-built templates and create custom templates
  • Recurring payments option also be available in this app
  • A robust reporting dashboard understand to cash flow and grasp manner

In addition to innovation, this feature creates an additional level of usability unmatched by competitive apps. By using the budget forecast feature, you can review previous expenses and forecast cash flow over the next six months.


Splitwise offers a free mobile app that enables individuals to share expenses with their friends. The Splitwise system ensures that anyone paying a bill will be reimbursed the correct amount and with as few transactions as possible..

It might not be an expense tracker app in the strictest sense. But when we talk about the best android apps for budgets and expenses, it is hard to ignore this app.  Friends and family use it most often to split bills among each other

You need to create a group for household expenses and include all members in this group after you have completed the sheet with all household expenses.

You can access an app to see what you each owe to one another at any particular time. You can pay in cash or with a fund transfer integrated into your online account whenever you like. That’s all there is to it.

Important Key points:

  • Split expenses with friends
  • Share the cost of particular bills
  • Those who pay Splitwise are refunded
  • Transactions must not exceed the minimum

WIRED Gear’s staff loves Splitwise. By upgrading to the pro version, you can store high-resolution receipts, track expenses by category, and divide expenses with friends who live in different countries by exchange rate.


If you want a quick and easy experience, Monefy is a great option in the list of best expense manager apps. Navigation through the app is easy with the app’s simple user interface. The budgeting app will be a good fit for beginners.t is The app makes it easy to keep track of your income and expenses.

Apps like Moneyfy let you keep track of your budgets. I use them regularly. The other features of this app are very comparable with other competitors, and we don’t deny this app on the interface.

There is no better app, you have to give it a chance and use it to your advantage. the app must. This app is well for security purposes, Passcodes can be set up with it. With cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you will have additional peace of mind.

There are all of the features available in this app you basically need for a specific purpose:

  • Supports and manage multiple accounts
  • Manage multiple categories and multiple currencies
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Manage cash flow and grasp manner

Ivy Wallet:

Budget manager Ivy Wallet makes managing personal finances easy. It’s free and available on the App Store under the best expense manager apps section. Your Ivy Wallet will automatically track your transactions once they enter the app, so you will have a clear picture of what you spend every month and can plan your budget.

We have reached the end of our list of the best expense management apps.  These apps have received excellent reviews from users. One more attractive and visually appealing app for tracking expenses. The developers were rewarded fully for their excellent work. In addition, it allows you to sync and backup all your expense data to Ivy Cloud as well as export it as a CSV file and Google sheets.

Expenses Features list below:

  • You can track easily Balance and cards
  • Support Multiple accounts
  • Expenses bank and cash separately
  • Manage multiple currencies at one time as well
  • All of the expenses are categorized

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find the expense Manager app?


An expense tracker is also known as an expense manager or a money manager, and it helps you keep track of your money inflows and outflows.

India has millions of people who live on fixed incomes, and many of them find that by the end of the month they do not have enough money to meet their basic needs.

How can I track my daily expenses with the best expense manager apps?


  • Andromoney
  • Goodbudget
  • iSaveMoney
  • Splitwise
  • Ivy Wallet
  • Manager Expense
  • Manager Mint
  • Walnut Money
  • Wallet
  • Monefy

How safe are paid apps compared to free apps?


         In order to sell paid apps, users expect higher quality compared to free versions, and the removal of ads is one way to achieve this goal.

Some media outlets have confirmed this expectation by stating that free apps do not offer the same level of security and privacy as paid apps.

When looking for stress, what should I look for?


          Syncing your bank accounts is available in most budgeting apps. The app will allow you to input information about your income and consumer spending.

Various apps are available that track your spending and categorize your expenses, so you can see trends over time. Making better choices may become easier with the features described above.


                    Many people struggle with budgeting. The challenge with tracking expenses with a spreadsheet is that it can become tedious, making it all too easy to give up. Based on free trials, pricing, and user reviews, we compared each app’s budgeting features.

You can automate this process with budgeting apps. In creating our roundup of the best expense manager apps, we considered 10 of the best companies on the market since most people do not have the time or energy to test them all.