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free backlinks

The Internet has connected people all around the world socially which is a good thing. Slowly, everyone started coming to the websites, and everything like teaching, learning, selling, and writing started taking place in the space called “website” provided by the internet which is the main block of the internet. When we search on Google or any other search engine, we get the desired results. The results which we get in the first place are the webpages of the website that are ranked higher by Google. The website should meet the requirements to rank higher, i.e. upload quality content, don’t plagiarize, keep updating the website, add backlinks and the list goes on. We’ll discuss here what are backlinks and how can we create free backlink for our WordPress site.

What is a backlink?

When we first read the term “backlink”, it seems to be most technical SEO practice which is very hard to understand but its simplest definition is “linking one website to another by using links”. It is the most important SEO website factor to increase ranks and traffic. To get traffic, you search and for search, you need backlinks.

free backlinks
Free backlinks for website

The backlink must contain relevant, readable, unique, deep, well-written, and legitimate content so that readers, viewers, and visitors experience good and come again and again.

How can we create free website backlinks for our WordPress site?

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) which is programmed specially to create websites and blogs. Without knowing to program, we can create a website of any niche.

This article is about earning backlinks for a WordPress site with some effective ways.

Write Guest Posts:

Writing guest posts can make you earn a number of free backlinks. Every website’s main factor is content. Every website needs great content so they hire writers. If you are a writer and you’ve your own website in which you want to get a higher rank then you can do guest posting. Guest posting is a technique in which you write articles for another website in return of which you get backlinks. This is the easiest way to get hyperlinks for your website. The more articles you write for another website, the more hyperlinks you’ll get.

This technique is free from spams because it is highly-trusted as you are involved in writing articles.

Broken Backlinks:

Sometimes, while exploring the internet, you reach a webpage of a website where you’ll see a message “404 errors”, the page you’re looking for no longer exists. Reach out the owner of that website and offer them the error fixing chance. The owners of these types of the website want to fix these errors as soon as possible so they’ll hire you and you’ll get free website backlink from this source also by writing for them.

Add relevant website backlinks to your blog:

When you write some informative blog or article and you need some reference, then you have to add links to your written content so that readers get attracted. Adding a number of links to your blog can also help you boost the SEO performance of the website.

Buy Backlinks for your site:

To rank on the first page, you can buy high-quality DA, PA, EDU, GOV backlinks from the website “get backlink for website”. This is most trusted as there are more than 3,90,000 purchases. Buying the backlinks can boost your business at the cheapest prices.


It costs one time, i.e.

  • The small blog costs $19.99
  • Business websites cost $74.99
  • Small personal websites cost $49.99

Generate Free Website Backlinks:

Generating backlinks is also an effective way to earn backlinks for your WordPress website. Backlink Generators are the tools that help you to create backlinks. searchenginereports, smallseotools, and dupe checker are one of the most used link building tools by SEOs.

  • Searchenginereports is the bundle of tools out of which backlink generator is the tool used by SEOs to create free backlinks. Just copy the link and paste it in the input box and then enter “Make backlinks”. After this, within no time, you’ll get the list of backlinks. It is free of cost with limited functionality but it also has premium paid plans which cost differently on the basis of month and year.
  • SmallSEOtools is a website with several SEO tools like searchenginereports. Copy and paste the URL in the input box and click on “Make Backlink” and you’ll get the list of free backlink within a time of matter. It is free to use.
  • DupliChecker is a backlink generator tool that works the same as the other two explained tools. Just copy-paste the link and click on “Make backlinks” and you’ll get the list of backlinks.

Add WordPress Free Backlink Plugins:

WordPress has a number of its plugins but we also have to add some plugins according to our needs and website’s requirement.

  • Backlink is the plugin for WordPress with a simple dashboard. Just download this and get your website checked. After that, you’ll get an email.
  • Automatic Backlinks is the tool for generating backlinks which also offers a plugin for WordPress that is easy-to-install. You can build quality backlinks free registration with automatic free backlinks.
  • Incoming Links simple yet effective WordPress plugin which gives a number of new quality backlinks for your webpage. You can allow or disallow the backlink.


As the digital world is making successful tools, here WordPress comes. The tool which helps people to create blogs and website without knowing programming which is very effective and made word easier for us. Over 37% of the websites run on WordPress, i.e. 1/4th part. Having effective content for your website is very important but free backlinks are the backbone of the website.

Without backlinks, your website can never rank higher even if you’ve uploaded quality content. As studied by Moz, webpages appearing of first pages have at least one high-quality backlink. This shows that backlinks are the most important part of a website’s SEO work. We can’t avoid backlinks at any price.