Digital Art Tips for Beginners (Master Guide)

Digital Art

Digital Art is an artistic composition that uses digital technology. There is a great demand for digital artists, and Employers are always looking for such creative and skilled designers. This post will briefly describe the digital art tips for beginners, answer to some confusion, and a solution to some mistakes.

Confusions and Digital Art Solutions

The most common confusion before starting digital arts is “Can I use my current computer?” and “ the high price of the software? Which one will be suitable and easy to use?” The answers to such confusions are below

A computer for drawing digital arts

There is no need to buy a new computer if you are a beginner but if you are going to market to buy a new computer or laptop, describe the purpose of use to the seller so that you can get according to your requirements. Although 4 GB memory is enough, but I would suggest an 8 Gb memory device.

How to purchase the best software?

Before purchasing the best software, always keep your budget in mind. If you have just started then don’t rush to buy expensive software. Get some experience before purchasing an expensive and premium one. All software offer free trials, avail these trials and then buy according to your best experience. Some best software are highlighted in the tips section.

Tips on How to draw Digital Arts

Remember, there is always a need to learn whether you are professional or a newbie, don’t stop learning and always try to learn new skills. Here are some tips for digital art beginners:

Practice regularly

Practice your sketching skills regularly so that you can be a professional in digital arts. Don’t be afraid of failures, learn the skills, and perform it, and if you mess up try again but be consistent. Try to do Figure learning, as it will help you in becoming the best digital artist. Read some books on figure learning and watch videos on youtube.

Develop your portrait skills:

Try to learn portraiture as it is in the most demand list. Draw portraits, whether from life or imagination if you want to be a master in this skill. To be professional in this skill, read some books, avail online resources, and watch videos on youtube.

Digital Art
Digital Art Tips for Beginners

Some best resources:

Some best resources to watch tutorial videos and learn and experience the best digital arts are listed below:

Best Digital Art Softwares:

Here is a list of a few digital art software, although the list is long.

3 common mistakes that Digital Artists make

The most common 3mistakes that beginners make in digital arts are

Too many colors

Digital art beginners, unaware of the concepts of color, fill their paintings with random colors. Every digital artist must understand about Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and value.

Too Many Details

Beginners try to refine every single point of their paintings and become obsessed. Always keep in mind the main idea of the art and focus on the lighting, contrast, composition, and story elements.

Colour Contrast

Sometimes beginners fail to contrast the colors, and it makes their art dull. Every artist must learn to make a proper contrast.


Keep learning and practicing soon you will be a master of this skill.

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