Dye Black Hair Red | Ways to Dye Hair in 2024

Dye Black Hair Red

What is the name of the girl with the red, bright hair? How you wish that you had the same hair like someone else. There is the possibility that you are afraid of these hazards that may follow bleaching to dye black hair red. If you like dark black hair, that’s good, but choosing bright red hair will also look fantastic on you which you can carry with designer tote bags with ready to wear dresses to look more elegant.

It is a misconception that most people think they need bright red or any color shade and then bleach, but this is not at all true. We discuss in this article how we use different colors without using bleach, which will be beneficial to you. Using our steps and products, you can create inner Ariel’s hair and red, bright-colored hair for free at home using black hair.

Tools used in dying hair:

If you don’t buy these tools, you will never be able to dye your hair at home. Before you buy any tools, you will need to collect some which are essential for dying hair.

Tools used in dyeing hair

  • A mixing bowl and an application brush will be required, both of which can be found for a low price and are easy to find. In general, you’ll use a bowl to mix hair products at one point and a brush to color your hair to the color you want.  You can also use the pointed end of the brush to section off your hair.
  • As for rubber gloves, they are the second most important thing. If you hold it in your hand, it will mark your hand as red. Consequently, these things are incredibly helpful and convenient.

Use perfect shade:

Decide with your friends and family which color would be the best for your hair if you want to find the perfect shade. In addition, we’ll tell you which color best suits your hair. Use Auburn’s and mahogany tones if you want to be a darker shade color, while Ginger and copper can be used to make the color brighter.

perfect shade

My usual recommendation is brighter shades because they look pretty and beautiful. The best choice will be dark color if your hair is already bright. In order to use pastel shades you will need to bleach them prior to using them. Please follow our instructions after that; I hope it will be most beneficial for your hair.

Without bleach, dye black hair red:

A dark black head of hair is very difficult to style. Especially since the reddish undertone already hints at a dark color.  The best choice for you is to use a permanent dye and a higher volume developer unless you’ve colored your hair before.

dye black hair red easily

You can use high volumes when you want dramatic colors on your hair. You may have a difficult time getting the right shade of blonde if you just colored your hair.

When you have a disappointing result, you should talk to a professional. Following the color, the wheel can make it easier to change the color of your hair.

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The best products for coloring black hair red:

Red hair dye for dark hair is recommended, as well as a box dye.  One product we recommend would be the L’Oreal Excellence HiColor for dark hair. Red hues range from more orange-toned to pinker shades in this product. No bleaching is required.

Also required is a creme developer, ideally one from L’Oreal. However, it can come from any brand. The developer and HiColor should be mixed in a bowl.  A whisk will also prevent clumps from forming in the mixture, but a brush and a few extra minutes will also do.

Getting ready to color:

Having mixed all things to create something good, now it’s time to dye your hair consistently. Once you have brushed out your hair, place vaseline on your neck, ears, and face because it prevents color from getting into your skin.

Put rubber gloves on to prevent the red color from getting into your skin.  We suggest covering your shoulders with an old towel or hairstyling cape or wearing clothing you don’t mind ruining.

Step 1:

Make it easy to handle your hair by separating the strands into four sections and ensuring that each section is held in place by a clip.

Step 2:

Make sure you paint your hairline evenly all around. It is important to distribute the color evenly throughout your hair when you put it up in a ponytail.

Step 3:

If you color your hair, in the beginning, dye the bottom sections and finish it with the top sections. Apply color from the roots and finish with the top sections. Do not miss any sections when applying the color.

In the case of long or thick hair, you may require more than one tube of HiColor solution. Then clip the hair back up again and repeat until you have successfully applied color to the entire head.

Step 4:

After you have applied the dye color on whole sections of hair, wait 30 minutes according to L’Oreal HiColor instructions. Ensure that the hair is protected from plastic wrap and a shower cap so that the color will deepen more effectively.

Step 5:

If you choose to apply hair oil or other treatment, dry the hair thoroughly before applying it again, letting it air-dry fully to prevent damage.

Step 6:

You can use this process to obtain the brightest shade of red by drying your hair to expose the rich shade of red you’ve already achieved. Red hair dye mixture could be muted for a more muted tone.

Is dying hair harmful?

Dying your hair can have some potential risks and side effects. The chemicals used in dyes and bleach can cause damage to the outer layer of the hair shaft, known as cuticle, as well as dryness or brittleness. 

Prolonged exposure to these harsh chemicals may also cause scalp irritation and allergic reactions.  Additionally, repeatedly dying your hair with the same color can lead to buildup of the chemicals, increasing the damage caused by them. 

If you are pregnant, some ingredients in these dyes can be absorbed through your skin and pose a risk to your baby. 

To minimize any risks associated with dyeing your hair, it is important to use quality products that are free of harsh chemicals, use appropriate protective measures such as gloves or a cap and limit the amount of times you dye your hair.  

Additionally, it is important to keep up with regular trims to reduce split ends and dryness from the damaging effects of dyes and bleach.  With proper precautions and care, dying your hair can be a safe way

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can black hair be turned red?


            If you’ve had black hair, you know it can be challenging. Changing your hair can be liberating, but it can also be challenging. The easiest way to dye black hair red is to get a blackout of the hair, but getting a blackout of the hair is hard. The process is long, but it’s doable.

Does bleach make black hair brighter?


          For dark hair that doesn’t need bleaching, try temporary hair color that works with a dark base color! The hair dyes are specially formulated to be vibrant and true without having to lighten the darker hair first.

Can black hair be dyed any color?


Choosing a color that is one or two shades lighter than your base will give you a more natural-looking highlight. Be sure to place them in areas of natural sunlight. You can also experiment to dye black hair red, purple, or blue highlights if you choose a blonde, caramel, or brown highlights.