How To Start Studying Holistically For Hours

Studying Holistically

Why is it that when exam season is upon us, that is the only time when we decide to dust our books and start studying?

What exactly did we do throughout the year?

Were we really so busy that now we are living on coffee and no sleep? Every year we make a promise to start early, but do we really go through that?

It is because we do not plan our studies better. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about methods that can help you get into a habit of studying and everything which will make us excited about the study session.

What Is Holistic Studying?

Holistic studying means a healthy amount of studying. This is where we do not harm ourselves while studying for hours without a break and literally drown ourselves in coffee. This is when we know when to close our books and get that much-needed sleep.

What Is Holistic Studying

Holistic studying encourages you to interlink all aspects of learning. You are using your mind to learn, and your body is in alignment with that (which means it is not overtly exhausted), and your soul is also exuding positive energy when you are gaining knowledge.

This is simply the opposite of studying just to pass your exams. This encourages you to learn something which you will remember in the long run.

Methods To Study Holistically

Here are some of the methods which will encourage you to study more holistically.

1. Pomodoro Method

This is one method we see a rise in recent years. Honestly, we were skeptical about it at first, but on giving it a try, our minds changed. Yes, the Pomodoro method does really work, and it helps in increasing productivity exponentially.

Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro method is when you study for hours, but every 25 minutes, you take a five-minute break. Now, it is not necessary for you to take every break, but these breaks help with a short recharge, and since you are timing the breaks, it will prevent you from taking too much of them.

2. A 360-Degree Knowledge

Before you sit with your lessons today, immediately go to RARBG, and download ebooks and research papers related to the lesson. Oftentimes, when you restrict yourself to just your textbook and this causes monotony.

360-Degree Knowledge

Not only are you limiting your knowledge, but you also are not learning the interesting facts which can actually get you excited about the subject. So, next time you are at the library, pick out books, and you will learn matters away from your textbook.

With this 360-degree learning, it will be much easier for you to remember the lesson since you have contributing factors to relate to now.

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3. 30 Days Challenges

This is another excellent method that will help you to study better. Sometimes the thought of learning and remembering too many chapters can spoil our entire mood. That is when we start procrastinating.

With a thirty-day challenge, you will be able to see each lesson at a time and gradually grow the habit of sitting with your book every day at the end of the day. Plus, it will help you plan for exams better, prioritizing the chapters which pose more difficulties and finishing them first.

4. Check Your Surrounding

Your surroundings play a major role when you are trying to concentrate. Especially a surrounding which has too many elements of procrastination. For example, if you are trying to finish a difficult math problem and your console is staring at you, you will never be able to concentrate wholly on your studies.

Therefore, always keep your study station clean, and get stationeries that will induce concentration. A study lamp, pen stand, books, and keep electronics away from your eyes. If it is possible, you might even set it outdoors since nature induces more peace and concentration.

Begin Today!

Now that you have everything which will help you study better, we have come to the biggest lesson.

‘There is no tomorrow, so start today!’

You have your books; you have your study material; go download your ebooks and sit down. You do not have to study for hours, but just for an hour or two every day this week, and you will catch the habit.

Plus, the sense of accomplishment is phenomenal.