To Hide Information Inside a Picture What Technology Is Used?

To Hide Information Inside a Picture What Technology Is Used

This topic is all about the picture, such as the political picture. It includes the use of tools, applications, websites, or technology that can hide the information inside the picture. In simple words, we can say how we can conceal information with the use of technology. For example, A process known as STEGANOGRAPHY is used to lock up text or whatever is written inside a picture.



Steganalysis refers to “a process by which a steganography-based data protection technique is applied before its original publication to conceal critical security information from attackers .”So basically, what it is doing here is concealing the information inside a picture.

Here are some reasons why you should use it:

All the sensitive information can be used only under certain conditions, like when using steganography software from FreeFire (available for Mac OS X and Apple iOS). In addition, it has other features like protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks (to protect yourself) and other applications that require your personal information.

reasons why you should use STEGANOGRAPHY

The image file gets inserted within the binary data of the AAP, and the second file, which stores the entire folder structure, will be used as the root directory of such application to store the data. As an added advantage, Steganalysis can be used by multiple different programs without changing any code — not unlike keyloggers, web cookies, or session tokens which can only be activated once per server or website. 

Steps To getting Steganography:

Let’s have a look at how we can use the same concept of hiding the information inside the image as Steganalysis:

Step 1: 

Create a folder in the root directory. It can be located somewhere where people access it. Your folders like their personal files, and then install free fire Steganography.

Step 2: 

Launch a terminal of your choice and enter the following command (it doesn’t work for Windows): cd/path / to / your / folder.

Step 3: 

Open Firefox and click extensions to download and install Google extensions. Then click on Add Extension & select the extension Free Fire Fire.

Step 4: 

Copy the code. When everything is installed, open Firefox settings and select Manage Extensions by clicking on the plus sign (+) icon. Now navigate to Free Fire > New Extension and paste Free Fire and press OK, select the file name of our folder: _picture.jpg, and press Save.

Step 5: 

Traverse to Free Fire, select Developer Options and choose Developer options. Under Allow Unknown Sources, make sure to check the box next to allow. Go back to settings and return to General, select Remove All, and hit OK. Suppose you asked to remove the folder. Just push Delete the folder and leave the window open. Now in the folder navigator, you will see nothing different, but you can see all folders there, and folders are encrypted. 

Step 6: 

Repeat steps 1-4 but open the folder and select CMD/Command Prompt. On the result, you can find this line (if you don’t know this, run it with this).

Step 7: 

Run Free Fire and select New Extension and choose _picture.jpg, and hit Next. If asked to select a goal, it will be shown in the list — select the exact folder and hit Enter. There will be different folders at the same time to open — select the desired files/folders ( _Figure_ folder) to open it. 

Step 8: 

Select Continue and wait till the extension frees up memory and lets you finish editing.

Step 9: 

After finishing editing, open Firefox and select Show Extensions -> _Figure_ folder. Now the folder structure appears. Just drag and drop it into any folder you want but remember to keep it encrypted.

Step 10: 

Press F1.

Step 11:

 Press Choose File and repeat steps from 1-9. At the end, I was able to get a folder structure without opening the folder, like _Figure_. But before I could save it into my project folder, it looked like this:

In the above screenshot, you can see the actual folder structure of the _Figure_.jpg, but since it is encrypted, it will be displayed on the screen as “_Figure_ Folder.jpg,” as you can see in the picture below.

Step 12:

Select Done and exit Chrome -> Extensions.

Step 13:

Navigate to the folder Structure and replace the _Figure_ folder with the _Figure_ folder.

Step 14: 

Double click on the _Figure_ folder to take over to your computer system and open it right away with all your folders.

Step 15: 

Right-click on the folder structure to view it from there. You can find the folder name or folder structure and cut it out without deleting the original folder, which contained images. If asked to cut off the file, press Never. At the end of the day, even if you delete a folder you think was encrypted, you will not be free to recover it in the future because there you know this is how they are saved for future use only. So whenever you want to encrypt a folder, you have to delete it first.

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So these are a few of the things that you can do to protect your own secrets. Although it might feel scary, it actually makes sense and works best. No one knows the real world better than we do. We are giving you such information so you can protect your data without anybody knowing. Let’s hope you liked it! Thanks for reading 🙂