Virtual Phone Numbers: Top Benefits to Business of All Sizes

Virtual Phone Number: Top Benefits to Business of All Sizes

Imagine a bank that only receives clients on their branch because they don’t support online banking. That wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

The world moves forward with technology. And to prevent their demise from irrelevance, businesses of every size should learn how to adapt and evolve.

No wonder enterprises are always innovating not only with their product but also with how they reach their customers.

And especially with communication, you don’t want to be left behind because maintaining a close relationship with your potential clients makes it so much easier to close deals. That’s why more and more businesses are getting virtual phone numbers from companies like Telnum.

If you’re still on the fence about getting one, this article will explain in detail why you make this investment for your business.

We’ve found that a lot of entrepreneurs who don’t want to give it a try don’t understand what it is. So let’s have a quick intro to how virtual phone numbers work first.

Virtual phone numbers 101: How does it work?

In this day and age, it’s impossible to find anyone unfamiliar with calling someone online. Virtual phone numbers are in some ways the same.

Calls are made through the internet with both your regular Telegram call and using a virtual number. The difference is you have an actual number assigned to you. That’s the virtual number.

And just like how it notifies you on your phone and laptop when someone calls you on Telegram, virtual numbers do the same… and so much more.

It’s your ordinary number but more advanced

You’d be right to think that it’s similar to the number you got from your phone service provider. But we say this in the same way that a telephone is in the same league as a smartphone. (They’re not.) Here’s why a virtual number’s better:

It’s not tied to one phone

Because it’s associated with a user and not a device, you can have it on practically any gadget that you own. In fact, you can even use it on your personal phone so it functions similarly to a second sim card.

You pay once and get all the features

Remember how you need to pay for different machines for voice mail, screening calls, and caller ID? You don’t have to do that anymore. You only pay once, and that’s it.

You’re not tied to a contract

If you don’t want it anymore, cancel your contract. And if that number is still available, you can still get it in the future.

How will this be valuable for your business?

How will this be valuable for your business?

It can save you a lot of money.

Because you get extra features on top of the number, the cost of the service actually goes down. We think of it as a modified version of “buy one, get one” deals.

But we should emphasize: it’s already relatively affordable even with just the number.

It can dramatically cut your international call costs because you can get a number from many areas, not just in your country. And because you can take it with you everywhere, you’re maximizing service utility.

The best thing? You don’t pay an initial cost just to activate the service. It follows a subscription-type payment scheme where you access the service for as long as you’re paying the monthly fee.

It’s highly flexible.

Especially if you’re keeping the overhead to a minimum, you’d want to be able to change things depending on your needs.

For example, if you’re starting out with just two agents, you can get just two numbers. And you can easily expand to acquire more virtual numbers when needed.

But when we say flexibility, we mean to be more than in the financial sense. This also means being location-independent because you can reroute calls to go to the right agents depending on why your customers are calling.

Because of this virtual solution, you minimize costs and effort and maximize results.

It protects your privacy.

Virtual Phone Number protects your privacy

Nowadays, it’s normal to look up business numbers online. And when you post where people can reach you, do you really want it to be your personal number?

It would be so hard to separate business and personal, especially with how many spam messages business owners get every day. Even worse, you may accidentally ignore customer queries because you’re overwhelmed.

But with a virtual number, you can still use the same mobile device if you want and never give up your privacy

It looks professional.

In business, image is everything. You always want to put your best foot forward with your customers so they trust you.

And thanks to all the features that a virtual number has to offer such as customized messages, automation, and call routing, your enterprise will look very professional.

There’s a reason why people get virtual numbers. The convenience it offers at a low price point makes it a great investment for a business of any size.