7 Ways to Get People Hooked on Your Mobile App

Get People Hooked on Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are a part of our daily lives. Most people access a mobile app before they go to bed, brush their teeth, and have their first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s estimated that 80% to 90% of people download a mobile app and only use it once before deleting it.

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Developers of social and online casino apps are under pressure to create bug-free apps that’ll keep us hooked. So what are the secrets to creating an app that keeps users coming back for more? We’ve listed the top seven tested and proven ways to do just that!

  • Create an Attractive, Simple User Interface for Mobile App

Simple User Interface of mobile app

The user interface is the most critical aspect of a great mobile application. A sleek, simple-to-understand user interface is the key to a popular app. People want to access features easily, so you must ensure that your design is well structured and thought through. Users prefer to navigate quickly and with ease. It’s a fact that most mobile application users are impatient and don’t want an app with hidden bugs that are difficult to navigate. 

  • Customer Loyalty Programmes

Users love rewards. Creating a customer loyalty programme for your mobile application is foolproof. Create free incentives or rewards in partnership with cool companies. Friend referrals are incredibly effective in getting new users to download your mobile application. Increase the engagement of your users by offering loyalty perks.

  • Loyalty Discounts

Customer Loyalty Programmes

Discounts are second best next to loyalty rewards. Everyone is searching for a great bargain these days. So, your job is to give your users what they want. E-commerce applications like eBay and Amazon always have special discounts for their users. For example, Amazon offers their application users a $5 discount. Keep users coming back for more deals by keeping your discounts up to date and attractive. You can provide new users special discounts and incentives for downloading the app, increasing referrals.

  • Take Advantage of User Psychology

A fascinating aspect of the human psyche is that we enjoy sharing our achievements on social media platforms and with friends. B. F. Skinner did a study in the 1960s which included pigeons pressing a lever to receive pellets from a box. The pigeons learned that pressing the lever would give them pellets as a reward. 

He then altered the lever to give out pellets to the pigeons randomly. As a result, the pigeons started pressing the level more often. The absence of pellets after the lever was pressed down created an expectation of reward. With time the pigeons stopped pressing the lever when the random rewards were too little or too high. Skinner’s experiment was known as the slot machine. The moral of the story is that you must engineer your mobile app as a slot machine that gives out not too many or too few rewards. 

  • Include Gamification Elements in Mobile App

Include Gamification Elements in mobile app

Include game design principles in your mobile application. In doing this, you’ll be able to increase the time users spend using your mobile application. You ultimately want user engagement, so include as many gamification elements as possible. 

As mentioned above, users are searching for rewards, a sense of achievement, competitiveness, and status. If you can design an application that caters to all these elements, you’ll have a very successful mobile app. You don’t need to gamify your mobile application completely. Just ensure that there are enough gamification elements.

If users are engaged with your mobile app, you’ll have more visibility and retention and generate more revenue. 

  • Drive Social Media Integration

Drive Social Media apps

Include social media sharing capabilities into the functionality of your mobile application. Social media has become the backbone of online marketing, and you can integrate your app with social media regardless of the category your mobile app falls under.

Ensure social feeds are integrated by incorporating buttons for social media sharing. Users can share their achievements with social media peers and ask them to join the game if they move up a level.

  • Encourage Reviews

This may seem like common knowledge, but including this strategy is very effective if done correctly. You can gain valuable information and encourage feedback from your users. Encourage feedback without being too invasive. Give your users a chance to write a personal message, not just a star rating. 

If users are given the opportunity to provide personal feedback, they feel like their opinion matters. It’s all good getting feedback, but if you don’t read these reviews and make improvements, it all means nothing. Make sure, if possible, that you can respond to reviews and make the necessary changes if required.


There are millions of mobile apps available today in every genre ranging from fitness, cooking, online gambling, horoscopes, weather, and gaming, to name a few. If you design a mobile app, you need to think outside the box to keep your users engaged.