What is Software Maintenance and Why its Required?

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is essential in the tech-based era that we live in. Software maintenance is needed post-launch to modify, update and improve existing software. Maintenance helps to remove bugs and solve software issues while boosting the overall performance of the software. This is necessary to keep up with customer needs. 

If you are looking to gather information about what software maintenance really is and why it is required, then you’ve made the right click, because we are going to discuss precisely that in this article. Now without further delay, let’s jump right in!

What Exactly is Software Maintenance?

Software maintenance is an essential part of the software development life cycle.  There is no such thing as launching software once and letting it run on its own from there. Software developers need to improve and correct their software continuously. They do this so that the software can remain as competitive and relevant as possible. 

Now, if we specifically talk about computer software maintenance, it is an extensive management process and part of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). The main goal of software maintenance in software engineering is to adjust and update software applications to fix bugs and enhance the system’s performance.

The software maintenance processes take place after the software is designed or deployed. Hence, it improves the software performance by eradicating errors, clearing unusable development, and enforcing advanced development strategies. It is basically a method to ensure that the software is error-free and relevant to the current demands.

Otherwise, your software will be considered outdated, and nobody feels like using outdated, bugged, and problematic software. So make sure that your software is properly maintained. 

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Main Types of Software Maintenance

Here are the four main types of software maintenance:

Types of Software Maintenance

  1. Corrective Software Maintenance: Corrective software maintenance is a standard and typical form of maintenance. It is utilised to fix any bugs which users might report. It is essential for the user or customer satisfaction. 
  2. Adaptive Software Maintenance: Software always has to follow cybersecurity laws, policies, and threats. Technology changes every day, thus there is a high chance of your software becoming outdated. Adaptive software maintenance can solve this problem. This is because it focuses on the basic structure of the software. It works to maintain new operating systems, hardware, and cloud storage, and keep software updated according to new policies.
  3. Perfective Software Maintenance: Perfective software maintenance deals with adding new features and deleting old parts of the software that are no longer in use. It does not fix or solve an error, but rather enhances the overall software. This is done to increase your user’s engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Preventive Software Maintenance: Preventive software maintenance is done to ensure that your software works for a much longer time. It includes coding, changing, and upgrading the software to run smoothly. Preventive software maintenance reduces the risk of having glitches and errors in software. It plays a vital role in the long lifecycle of software, and no business can run without it. So, it’s a terrific way to fix the problems that may occur in the future.

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Why is Software Maintenance Essential?

Making a unique piece of software and launching it into the world is a thrilling step for any company. A lot of effort and hard work goes into forming your software and its launch, including the actual structure and coding, marketing, licensing models, and much more.

Maintenance Essential

Nevertheless, any great piece of software must adjust to the times. As technology is transforming at the speed of light, software must keep up with the market shifts and demands.

It also increases your business’s overall sales, scalability, and productivity, which offers enormous cost benefits to your company. All these are reasons why software maintenance is not just required but is essential. 


Making software and introducing it to the world needs a lot of effort. It is essential that your software meets the demands and can cope with market changes. Hence, software maintenance is necessary to achieve a level of perfection and beat the competition.

It is also a necessity for today’s software-based business activities. We hope that our article has helped you to understand the many types of Software maintenance, and why it is always required. 

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