5 of the Best Customizable Beauty Brands

Customizable Beauty Brands

Choosing a new beauty brand is such a personal choice!

Everyone has some small beauty issue they wish they could change. You’ve probably tried solving your skin and hair problems by shopping at a big box store, but oftentimes generic drugstore brands just don’t do the trick. There’s an easier way to see results for all your skin, hair, and other beauty concerns: customizable beauty products! 

In the past few years, customizable beauty brands have blown up in popularity. From makeup and moisturizers to even customizable fragrances, these days it’s easy to find products that are perfectly formulated to cure your beauty woes. 

We’ve created a guide to the 5 best customizable beauty brands. With the help of these brands, you’ll be on your way to creating your own dream products! 

  • Sephora

While Sephora doesn’t create personalized products, they still made the top of our list thanks to their customizable beauty experience. Just create a free account and Sephora will offer you the best custom products based on our previous purchases along with your own unique skin and hair type. Even the rewards of their loyalty program are completely personalized so you only get rewards you’ll actually use! 

Sephora Beauty Brand

The best part? If you help yourself to a Sephora promo code you can even enjoy a major discount on your next purchase. Sephora offers some amazing money-saving coupons so grab one today to save on the top customizable products from the best beauty brands. 

  • Olfactory Beauty Brand

Did you know that scents can have an impact on your mood? Many of us don’t take our perfume or cologne seriously, but the fragrances we wear can actually impact our happiness level! That’s why it’s so important to customize a fragrance based on the scents that uplift your mood.


Olfactory allows you to tinker with and create your own perfume by adding different scents to one of their nine core scents. The result is a completely personalized, yet affordable fragrance, that’s unique and truly you! Despite feeling luxurious, Olfactory is as competitively priced as any designer perfume. 

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  • Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty allows you to create your own completely custom shampoo and conditioner. Through their customization process the brand learns all about your hair type and any hair problems your locks might be facing like oil or friziness.

Function of Beauty

Using this info, they create your dream shampoo and conditioner combo. You can even set hair goals for yourself, like reducing frizziness or getting healthier locks, and Function of Beauty will create for you custom products designed to meet those goals. 

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  • Skin Inc. 

Skin Inc. takes all your most important lifestyle factors into account and creates the perfect water-based serum based on your skin care goals. You can even choose the color of the bottle and have your name put on it so it feels like a truly unique product that was designed just for you (because it was!).

Skin Inc Customizable Beauty Brands

Want to get even more out of each bottle? Then add the Skin Inc. Tri-Light LED device to your cart too! This science-based device is designed to to amplify the effects of the serum on your skin. 

  • Curology Beauty Brand

If you’ve ever suffered from acne you’re going to love this next brand. Curology creates completely customizable acne products that do so much more than just treat acne. Formulate each bottle to target other problem areas like dark spots, firmness, redness, pore size or skin texture.


If you’re apprehensive about trying a new routine, you can even sign up for a month of free products where you’ll only pay for shipping. If you do decide to continue with your subscription, they offer generous discounts by signing up for automatic renewal.