Best SEO Tips for a Real Money Online Casino Website

Real Money Online Casino Website

Just like sports blogs, casinos possess similar guidelines regarding their rankings on search engine websites. For one, casinos are limited by several rules since different jurisdictions all over the globe prevent any form of gambling.

Second, some casinos try to rank their platforms by all means, and search engines are aware of this. Hence, they try to block casino operators that try to use unscrupulous means to propel their websites to the top of search results.

Nevertheless, if you apply the right SEO rankings to your real money online casino platform, you’ll experience revenue growth. In recent years, the online casino industry has exploded since gamers have begun switching from land-based casinos. This article will reveal essential tips that’ll help your casino platform grow.

The Difficulty Associated with Ranking an Online Casino

Ranking any blog in any industry is no easy task. Hence, the journey takes a long time. Getting your new website to rank on Google’s first page from behind takes a lot of time and consistency.

Ranking an Online Casino

Many new casino operators abandon SEO techniques when they find out that they’re nowhere near the first page within the first few months. But the truth is that organic traffic is built over time, and steadily, your platform will get there.

In the online world, organic traffic remains king. It has been estimated that 53% of internet traffic is facilitated by organic means. Essentially, this means that SEO can never be compromised. That’s why you need to take the proper steps.

Your Online Casino SEO Growth Mindset

Before starting on SEO for your real money online casino platform, you need to note three key things. First, if you try to beat the system, the system will crush you. You need to ensure that the professional handling your SEO utilizes Whitehat techniques.

For instance, if the person you hire floods your pages with keywords, you could get penalized. Google is stringent when it comes to websites in the gambling niche. If your website begins to appear for unrelated keyword searches, you could get blocked by the top search engine.

Second, you need to understand that SEO for casinos could prove to be quite pricey. Building SEO requires you to get backlinks from websites with high authority; typically, a lot of money flows from casinos to high authority websites. Some blogs also refuse any form of casino content, which creates a drop in the supply of available blogs to publish.

Third, you need to avoid the private blog network strategy. Essentially, since some website owners believe they rank high when there are a lot of backlinks linking back to them, they create a private blog network. These dummy blogs typically range from a couple to more than 50 websites.

Then backlinks are created, and the blogs are published with a lot of low-quality content to make them seem legitimate. If caught, this could lead to a drop in your blog’s ranking or a total block from Google. Essentially, you’d have wasted a lot of effort and expenses on this type of venture.

Steps on Growing your Casino Website’s SEO

Casino Website’s SEO

  • Performing Keyword Research

Before any website owner who intends to rank high creates content, keyword research is performed. If you’re in the real money online casino niche, performing keyword research is even more needed. The top tools for conducting keyword research include Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Google Analytics.

When conducting your analysis, you’d best aim for keywords with decent search traffic and low difficulty. If the keywords you choose have high search traffic and high difficulty, you’ll get knocked off by bigger websites.

Even after you’ve chosen a bunch of keywords to write articles on, you need to periodically check on the status of these keywords. Sometimes low difficulty keywords could switch to becoming a high difficulty. This could lead to a drop in your traffic. Also, you need to avoid stuffing your blog articles with keywords.

  • Optimize Your Articles

Several SEO professionals believe upgrading previously published articles to keep them relevant is more important than creating new content. This makes sense for casino operators because the gambling space is dynamic.

For instance, there are always new games being added to websites. If your website doesn’t reflect these changes, it’ll become obsolete. Search engines are frequently looking for updated content and once you optimize your past articles, your search engine ranking position will increase.

To optimize your articles, you could add internal links. Internal links serve to spread the SEO juice across your website. It would help if you made certain that the internal links added do not lead to a page with errors or non-existing content. This could negatively affect your casino SEO in the long run.

  • Post Consistently

Apart from page optimization, you need to post content on your website with a predetermined pattern. This means that you should plan how you post your articles beforehand. You don’t need to stretch yourself and make several posts each day. Simply posting constantly will tell Google that your website remains active.

While it is true that Google favors longer content, it is highly dependent on the fact that the content is of the same quality. Essentially, suppose your articles are stuffed with filler words that don’t add real value to the article. In that case, you might experience a drop in ranking.

Final Thoughts

Casinos and other websites in the gambling niche are pretty similar since they’re fraught with so many restrictions. Some casinos and sports gambling websites try to promote their platforms using black-hat methods, and that’s why Google focuses a lot on casino content.

Nevertheless, organic traffic is highly important as it allows casinos to gain new traffic without spending money. That’s why you need to hire a professional to handle your SEO and avoid private blog network techniques.

To rank your casino website on a search engine, you have to perform keyword research, post consistently, and optimize your articles. Don’t ignore the quality of the content you intend to post.