Can I Market My CBD Business on Social Media?

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Marketing a CBD business is essential to finding new customers, establishing your brand, and retaining customers. When it comes to marketing a CBD business online, there are many fine points and rules to play by.

What can’t you say with advertising?

Users of CBD enjoy relief from feelings of anxiousness, the side effects of cancer treatment, and other ailments. Here’s the thing about marketing CBD. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved the use of CBD products for the treatment of medical conditions.

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No CBD brand can make any health or medical claims about the effectiveness of cannabidiol. It’s possible to highlight the potential therapeutic health benefits. Any claim a brand makes about the use of a CBD product must be substantiated, credible, and authentic.

Incorporating cannabidiol into your daily health and wellness routine for the first time requires some due diligence. First, you need to speak with your doctor about any health conditions you have and prescription drugs you take, and whether there’s a risk for negative interaction with CBD.

It’s important to vet any CBD products and brands that you are interested in trying. A great way to learn about all things CBD is to read reviews and guides.

CBD Nerds is an e-commerce site staffed by CBD enthusiasts with knowledge of the science of CBD, innovative brands, and how to find the best value products.

You can learn about the effects of oils, gummies, tinctures, and edibles, how CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, and how to approach dosages. CBD Nerds offers the most current research on CBD and health issues, as well as coupons for products from top brands.

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Social media channels have their own restrictions on advertising CBD products.

Facebook recently lifted its ban on advertising CBD products. Brands are allowed to market topical hemp-derived CBD products.

Marketers can include a direct link to the brand’s landing page where consumers can go to make a purchase. CBD ads for cannabis-derived products have always been, and continue to be, banned.

The social media platform Instagram has rules about promoting illicit drugs and herbal drugs. Instagram doesn’t penalize Instagram users as frequently when marketing CBD oil and similar products because of the lax monitoring of CBD marketing. The key to using Instagram is to post educational content with a backlink to your brand’s blog.

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The higher the quality of your Instagram content, the more likely you will experience a higher engagement rate and gain more Instagram followers.

A great way to manage your brand’s Instagram account is to work with a trusted creator who can generate quality content for your Instagram feed. At, you can find creators from a hand-picked network of influencers capable of high-quality content creation and verified engagement.

Simply create a listing for your content creation needs, and elite influencers will reach out and apply to work with you. You can find influencers will all types of profiles, niche expertise, and topic interests.

Collaborating with a content creator for Instagram is a smart way to increase sales, generate brand buzz, and improve your engagement rate.

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Use the most effective CBD products marketing strategies.

Great content undergoes SEO analysis to ensure it reaches the right niche audience. Be cautious with the choice of SEO keywords that could be viewed by the FDA as marketing or advertising for health or wellness claims. No matter what type of content you produce, it should fit seamlessly within an SEO plan.

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t’s a good idea to build an affiliate network of marketers who can help spread the word about your product via affiliate links. Social platforms are full of influencers, from nano and micro to macro and mega influencers. Leveraging influencer marketing as part of your CBD marketing tactic is a great way to attract your target audience.

It is possible to market a CBD business on social media, but it’s important to check the rules and limitations to ensure your content complies with posting rules.