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Online rewriting Tool

Rewriting or paraphrasing can be troublesome if you do not have any experience with it. To be an expert paraphraser, you would need a lot of practice. If you do not have to practice or do not want to put any effort into learning paraphrasing, you should start reading this content.

In this post, you would find details about online rewriting tools and the different tips to rewrite content without committing plagiarism.

The most common problem today in paraphrasing is that the advanced plagiarism checker tools can easily detect paraphrased content.

If you want to avoid plagiarism while rewriting content, you must ensure that you take three key actions.

  • The use of quotations can help you avoid the accusation of plagiarism. When you are using the sayings or quotations of another person, you must ensure that you keep them unchanged. You must format the quote in the right way and must specify the author.
  • Summarizing content is another way that can help you avoid plagiarism. Summarizing is quite like paraphrasing. When you summarize content, you must only discuss the main ideas in the content in your own words.
  • Rewriting using the online rewriting tool, which we all commonly call paraphrasing, is the third action that can help you avoid plagiarism. In paraphrasing, you must rewrite all the content in your own words by keeping the main idea intact.

Effective tips for rewriting:

Here is the list of tips that would help you learn the basics of paraphrasing. After reading these tips, you can easily rephrase content like a pro. Later, you will also find the details of the best Online rewriting Tool tools.

  • First, you must read the content that you need to rephrase multiple times. This would help you get an idea of what the content is about.
  • You must reread the instructions carefully.
  • You must make notes to write down all the ideas that are important to be discussed in the new version.
  • You must make sure that you are using your pet words and phrases in the new content.
  • To increase the uniqueness of the content, you must try and use your own words instead of the ones that are already being used in the original content.
  • You must avoid using too many quotes in your paraphrased version.

Before publishing the paraphrased content, you must make sure that you are checking it with a reputed online plagiarism checker tool.

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These tips can be used if you are manually paraphrasing content, but if you are interested in trying out the online paraphrasing tools, you don’t have to care about these tips and tricks.

Below we have listed some of the paraphrasing tools that can help you rewrite content without any hassle.

Online Article Rewriting Tools:

More than thousands of websites offer rewriting services, but sadly, not all are reliable and accurate in their results. If you want to get plagiarism-free content, you must make sure you are using the most reliable paraphrasing tools.


This online paraphrasing tool is among the top-notch ones. This is a designated website which only provides you rewriting services. Experts suggest this rewriter tool because it offers three different rewriting options.

Article Rewriter
ReWriteGuru Article Rewriter

You can use either of these three spinning options to create new content. The different modes of this tool include smart spin, manual spin, and ultra-spin.

It is up to you to select your desired rewriting option and get fresh outputs. The use of the paraphrasing tool by RewriteGuru is quite simple and understandable, so you can utilize it like an expert, even if it is your first time.

You can easily rewrite content that you have deliberately copied from the web, or you can also use the paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism from your content. Sometimes when you write content, it can have some accidental duplications that you can easily remove with reputed paraphrasing tools!

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Article spinner by smallseotools:

The smallseotools is an important website that is commonly used for its plagiarism checker. Still, you must know that if you have detected plagiarism while checking plagiarism in your work, you can easily use the paraphrasing tool/ Online Rewriting Tool by the website to rewrite content uniquely.

Online rewriting Tool
SmallSeoTools Article Rewriter

You must know that this is a free paraphrasing tool that anyone can access based on the cloud. You need a web connection, a browser, and the basic information about the web to utilize it.

The website poses no restrictions or limitations, and so you can rewrite as many posts as you want to without worrying about the word count or file size.

Here are some advantages of using modern online paraphrasing tools!

  • These services are usually free, so you can create new content without spending a single dime.
  • The online paraphrasing tools are extremely easy to use.
  • The results produced by them are not unique but are also readable and understandable.
  • You can rewrite content without wasting time and putting in an effort!