Can you win big at online slots?

Can you win big at online slots

We all love playing slot games online – it is a great way to have some fun with some friends try out some new and innovative gameplay and potentially win some cash. However, let us be honest – none of us started playing online slots to win ‘some cash’. We have all dreamed of winning big from the beginning, whether that may be £10,000 or £10,000,000. This is a great thing to daydream about, but is it realistic and can you win big at online slots? We are going to be answering exactly that, so read on to find out more! We are going to be taking a look at:

–          Classic online slots

–          Progressive online slots

–          RTP% and Volatility

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Classic Online Slots

When it comes to classic online slots, you will generally find that the game is quite forgiving. The minimum bet will often be as low as just a couple of pennies, with the maximum bet being around £5.

Classic Online Slots

This means that you could spin loads of times with just 20p per spin, and you really would not be risking too much. However, this will be reflected in the jackpot.

If it were possible to win big through making 2p bets, people would simply cash out £1,000 into 2ps and spin all day and night until they won £10,000!

Unfortunately, the lower the amount of cash you are putting into a slot game, the less likely you are to win big. There are a few factors at play here:

  •  Classic online slots generally have a high RTP%, meaning the volatility is low and therefore so is the          jackpot
  • These slots also have a low number of reels and paylines, meaning the actual odds of you spinning a winning combination of symbols is high. Once again, this reduces the jackpot massively.
  • Finally, we have the previously mentioned minimum and maximum bets. Imagine winning £1,000,000 with a 2p bet – it simply would not happen!

Progressive Slots

Whilst classic online slots are generally geared towards low-risk gameplay with relatively low jackpots, there is an option for you if you want to win big – progressive slots.

Progressive slots are loved by many due to their complex nature and mind-boggling jackpots. The largest progressive jackpot winning of all time was a truly spectacular £16,251,942.55.

No matter how rich you are, we think it is obvious that this counts as ‘winning big’. However, it should be noted that hitting a jackpot like this is extremely unlikely – you are probably more likely to win the lottery.

However, hundreds of people win the lottery every year, so it is certainly a possibility!

So, can you?

To answer your question, absolutely. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you consider to be ‘winning big’. If winning £1,000 would be a big deal for you, then this could be more likely than you might think!

However, if you consider winning big to be seven figures or more, this is an extremely unlikely scenario, yet it is still possible.