Should I Play at Casinos with More Than One Software Provider?

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There are so many aspects that battle with each other when players are deciding on which online casino they should stick to, or even enter!

High rollers might want just one reputable software provider for all of the games, whereas the small fry might want a little taste of a whole plethora of software providers for their casino games in order to gauge the one that satisfies their needs.

The point is, casino software providers have a much larger say in your online betting experience than you might think.

A casino that runs purely off of one online game software provider is essentially run by that provider since all of the games will be under their domain, and vice versa – try King Kong slots.

So, if you are unsure whether you should be playing in online casinos that have one, or more, software providers then read on because we will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

What is an online casino software provider?

The world of online gambling can be a mind-boggling place, especially when it comes to phrases, jargon, and lingo. It can therefore become difficult to differentiate between games, sites, software developers, game developers, and software providers.

Although some of these phrases essentially mean the same thing, it is important to clarify exactly what an online casino software provider is:

  • Casino game software providers do almost exactly what they say on the tin: provide the software that video games in online casinos run off!
  • This means that they provide the platform for which game developers can create casino games, which are then hosted by online casino sites.
  • We know that it can be a bit of a mouth full, but software providers are basically a platform for hosting structures for developers to fill in the gaps.
  • So, if an online casino site worked off one software provider only, all the games on that site would share similarities in the way that they look, run, reward players, and feel.

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So, should you play on an online casino site that runs off one or more software providers?

It can be a tricky decision. Some players have a software provider that seems to treat them right every time, whereas others might find satisfaction in perusing the multitude of software providers that a site can hold.

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If you are unsure as to whether you think you should play at a casino with more than one software provider, check out our table of pros and cons that will help you make your mind up!

Pro just one software provider per casino site Pro multiple software providers for casino sites
The quality of the games is consistent throughout the site Pick and choose between many of your favourite software providers
You can expect similar themes and similar difficulties when all games have the same host Don’t get bored of just playing with one software provider
Knowing your casino game software provider is crucial to success Sticking to one means that you would not know if you picked the wrong software provider!

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