10 of the Largest Car Insurance Companies in the US

Car Insurance Companies

What comes to your mind when you think about the best car insurance companies? Is it the cheapest one or the one that completes your needs? It’s not necessary to find an affordable insurance company that does not give you any guarantee.

You need some reliable information about the best auto insurance company before fixing any deal.

Car Insurance

So, here I have gathered all the data about the top 10 car insurance companies. Check them out and make your decision.

Top Ranked Car Insurance Companies

If you are thinking about buying cars and signing an insurance policy, you need to read about the top car insurance company in the USA.

Here are the 10 Best car insurance companies for you to check out.


USAA is the best car insurance company in the USA. The consumers of the company are delighted with their customer service. Do you know that filing a claim in this company is a straightforward process?


And the most satisfying thing is you will have frequent updates of the policy step by step. They also have the cheapest base rates in the country.

But one negative thing about this company is its limited availability. USAA only serves veterans, members of military groups, and their families. So, getting a chance to buy an insurance policy in USAA is not easy.

2. State Farm

Unlike USAA, if you have no military background, getting a chance to buy insurance from State Farm will be very easy for you. According to the customers, State Farm is a reliable institution. And most of the customers want to renew their policy. 

Car drivers are also happy with their customer service. Most of them can save 40% on their coverage depending on their vehicle safety features.

But the only negative thing they have is that their claim update is not frequent. It takes time.

3. Geico

Geico customers are the happiest ones. They are delighted with the customer service helpline and the processing of the claims. That is why they want to renew their policy with Geico.

car safety

They also offer the lowest rates to customers in all the states. In addition, you can get instant online quotes and the advantage of buying a policy without any agent’s help.

And according to the customers, it is an overall good experience with Geico. Customers also recommend their friends and families make a policy with Geico.

4. Nationwide

The Nationwide car insurance company has a unique process to serve its customers satisfactorily. They offer one of the best coverage rates to its consumers in the country. Their customer service facility is also good.

But the customers are not happy with the overall process. They have complained about the updates of their claims. And their claims also do not get resolved quickly. 

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5. Farmers

Most US car insurance companies use an online-only sales policy. But Farmers still use local agents. So, the customers get the option to have a one-to-one connection with the representatives of the company. They guide them with all the insurance policy questions and claims.

So, customers are delighted to be with Farmers. But they have some negative points too. They do not provide a decent amount of coverage. So, many customers do not feel it to recommend the company to their friends and families. 

6. American Family

American Family gets loyalty from its customers because of their effortless claim resolving process. As a result, customers want to renew their policy here and recommend American families to their friends and families. And they also offer a variety of exclusive and unique offers. Customers do not get that from any other company.  

7. Progressive

Customers love Progressive because of its effortless process and 24*7 customer service. And it is not only a name; Progressive represents its brand value also. In 2018 and 2019, this company was announced as the best workplace for women. And recently, they donated 10 lakh dollars to end racial injustice. 

But still, Progressive trails behind its rival companies. And most of the customers do not want to renew their insurance policy here.

8. Travelers

Customers love Travelers because it has a complete record of paying claims. That means it serves the best. For example, it ranked in the top 10 best car insurance companies because of its financial stability and discounts for loyal customers. They also pay for some exclusive coverage for weddings or other significant events. So, drivers love Travelers. 

But it has some negative points too. Their customer service is not too satisfactory according to the consumers. 

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9. Allstate

Customers of the Allstate car insurance company are satisfied with the ease of the process. They also provide one of the best customer services in the country. And they also have an app named Good Hands Rescue. It provides pay-per-use on-demand roadside assistance. And anyone can avail this opportunity, not only the people who have signed the annual contract. 

But there is a lack of professionalism in other areas, according to the consumers. And Allstate also has higher ratings compared with other rival companies. That’s why most of the customers do not want to renew their policy with Allstate.  

10. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is an incredibly innovative car insurance company. They offer a variety of insurance coverage for buying cars. And that is okay. But do you know why you should go for Liberty Mutual?

Because they set up Solaria Labs. And it creates unique products like tuition insurance. It offsets the cost of tuition, housing, and other fees of a student.  

 Parting Words,

If you want to buy a car next year, you can add this list to your clipboard. Deciding on the right policy is a critical issue. So, take your time.

And do your research and find out which company suits you the best. Check every website and its statistics for the last 10 to 15 years. Calculate them with your needs. Set up a questionnaire.

And answer all the questions. You will get an idea. I hope this article helps you to find the best car insurance policy.

 Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best policy for you.