Classical Education complete benefits and difference from modern education

classical education

Classical education is a language focused learning in which students learn through words, writing, and speaking.

What does trivium mean in classical education?

Classical education is defined, through a process called the trivium. The trivium means the training process in classical education, which consists of three parts. The three-part process includes understanding the facts in early school years, then thinking about the facts through arguments in middle grades, and finally the third in which the students express themselves in high schools.

Stages of trivium

The three stages of the trivium are below.


This stage includes the students of up to fourth grade. Just as grammar is the foundation for language, similarly learning steps are laid for the students in the early years to understand the basics. The main classical education school system at this stage is to focus on learning the facts. The learning includes vocabulary, poems, spellings, different human body parts, mathematics, and many more. These learning points are the foundation of the second stage.


Children from fifth grade to middle-grade are a part of this stage. The students, instead of learning the facts, try to understand the factors related to the facts. They think analytically and pays more attention to the concepts rather than only memorizing the fundamental learnings. The subjects at this stage may include algebra, the logic-based study of all academic subjects that include, analysis and criticism.

Rhetoric Stage

The final stage of classical education’s base is on the foundation of the first two stages. The students of high school use logical analysis and facts, and then they write and speak their conclusion with confidence and elegance. At this point, they specialize in different categories like science, art, literature and music.

How is classical education different from modern education?

classical education
Benefits of classical education

The classical model education system mainly focuses on the concepts of self-education. The main principle of this classical homeschool system is that every student has its strengths and weakness, which are revealed and developed with time, and students then pursue their passion. This education system lays its foundations based on truth and makes students morally strong to fight injustice. On the other side, the modern education system’s focus is on teaching a specific list of subjects to all students. The Modern-education system considers all the students the same and thinks they will perform in the same manner.

Benefits of classical education

Some of the great benefits of this system include

  • It is idea-focused learning.
  • Art, music, and literature are top priorities in this education system.
  • The classical homeschool education system allows the students to excel in every field.
  • It provides opportunities for the students to think analytically about the facts and provides the platforms to speak.
  • It makes students morally strong that they have enough power to fight injustice.
  • It educates children to present themselves in a better way to the world.
  • It gives the students a chance to argue on the facts and understand these points logically.

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