Avoid grammar mistakes to improve your writing in 2020

grammar mistakes

Checking out grammar mistakes is quite easy but only when you are editing and proofreading your work all by yourself. However, these little grammar mistakes hold enough power to destroy the readability of your work.

Readers nowadays like to read easy blogs and articles, so if they find it hard and not convincing enough to understand then probably they will not read your content.

That doesn’t mean to whom you are writing for, numerous grammar mistakes will leave a bad impact on your writing on them, and well, especially nowadays when the age is based on texting than meetings face to face. These spellings and grammar can make a very good and disastrous first impression.

Well, here’s the serious fact that it is almost impossible to write a number of words as in 3000, which is totally free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. But, there is a great way out, through which writers can minimize the errors and by this, readers will not get offended. There are some cool tips in this article through which you can write a spell and grammar mistakes free content.


What are the basic grammar mistakes in writing:

Here are some most basic grammatical mistakes which you can understand and this will help you improve your writing. When writers know the mistakes they are looking for, then it is easier for them to be their own editor.

grammar mistakes
Avoid Grammar Mistakes Easily
  • Comma Splice It is used as commas to join the two different or same clauses. Fixing such sentences can be accomplished easily and in many different ways.

You can separate the clauses into two newly formed sentences.

Replace the stopping coma with the semicolons.

  • Pronoun Disagreement These errors are now so common in modern English. Pronoun usage is very important and one must know it if he or she is a blogger, writer, freelancer, or even a common person.
  • These pronoun problems are quite hard to determine and are most common. It all depends on the noun as if the noun is singular then the pronoun must be singular too.
  • Apostrophe errors Apostrophe is always used for possession.


Use your own naked eye for spell check too:

Use your own naked eye for spelling checking as sometimes the software doesn’t work on the sense of the sentences and only the reader can define it. The spell-check tools not always catch all the mistakes most of the time. The MS-Word grammar checker is even way worse than these tools.

The grammar checkers and sentence checkers highlight words and sentences that usually make sense some times but overlook the errors. It is so very important to check your content before you submit or publish it, or else you’re going to face some problems.

Just manage your routine and take a few hours to proofread it by yourself even though it is hard sometimes but still it is important. Look at the sentences and words and try to look at it from all perspectives.

Use a dictionary and proofreader:

Well, we know that it is quite boring and frustrating to read essays that have the same words. And it is even irritating for the readers too and makes the content less interesting.

If you know that you have this problem then try looking for a dictionary. There are plenty of applications that are on the internet that you can easily use and get the advantage of their pool of words. Some of the applications also come with the thesaurus so you can find synonyms from the frequency of the sentences.

This will clearly diversify the sense of your words in the content. There are tons of online dictionaries that offer more than just a piece of information.

How you can actually fix the grammar mistakes:

Grammatical mistakes make content really hard to read and make your readers go away. If your writing is clear then you can easily convey your message to your readers and they will not get bored as well as frustrated.

Grammar mistakes irritate readers more than anything and it shows that you, yourself are not serious with your work. When you write clean and straight readers get that where is your work coming from and if you are serious or not and it makes them share your work.
Online grammar checkers are quite good but still, we will suggest that read your content with your own naked eye too.

  • Just know it surely when you should use Who.
  • Don’t use unnecessary words in your bio, this is where most writers fail.
  • Don’t write useless and unnecessary bullets that are even not matching the context.
  • You should not use “ing” unnecessarily.
  • Use commas correctly.
  • Using “they” too much is not a good idea to stop doing it.
  • The usage of Me and I even when it confuses your article.
  • Use direct verbs.
  • Make it look real so your readers can relate.


Here we are providing you with the best guide so you can write content in a very good and clean way. Mostly the people face the grammar problems and lose their readers even when they are quite good creators.

So we here hope that this information helps you out and provides you with straight information on how to correct the grammar issues in your content/thesis. Focus on some aspects and make it perfect and then move onto the other rules as the list is quite long for beginners.

Don’t use the words so much so the readers get offended and even the symbols too. Sometimes it really hit them hard if you are using the same word over and over again and using it the same way, it makes them feel like you are running out of words and you are not good enough, which really cause damage to your content.