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Enware Aurora 2019 PC Case Updated Review

by edutechbuddy
Enware Aurora 2019

The Enware Aurora 2019 is the most up-to-date model of Alienware’s line of high-performance, pre-built desktop computers for gamers. It’s sleek and simple in appearance, yet its powerful internals and the high-definition display will make your games look beautiful.

An Overview of Enware Aurora 2019

In 2019, Alienware introduced the Aurora, a premium PC chassis. It has a distinctive look and set of features that make it one of the most sought-after PC cases available.

Stylish and cutting-edge, the Enware Aurora demands attention wherever it goes. Black, white, and silver are just few of the colors it comes in.

Alienware Aurora 2019 PC Case

This aluminum enclosure features a tempered glass back panel. There is also RGB LED illumination that can be adjusted using the provided remote.

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is compatible with motherboards that use the E-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX standards. It has three 5.25-inch bays and two 3.5-inch bays, as well as seven expansion slots.

The case can be yours for the extremely cheap price of $199.99, which is quite low for a premium PC case. The Alienware Aurora is a fantastic choice if you want a PC case that stands out from the crowd both aesthetically and functionally.

The Concept Behind the Alienware Aurora’s Design

The Alienware Aurora stands out as a futuristic PC case unlike any other. The front panel of the casing is built of tempered glass, while the back is made of metal. There is also RGB lighting in the case that can be set to any color you choose.

The Concept Behind the Aurora's Design

If you’re a gamer searching for a desktop with a bit more style than the norm, the Alienware Aurora is a fantastic option. The case is beautifully constructed and functional. The inclusion of a tempered glass panel on the front of the casing is a wonderful touch. Another cool feature is the RGB lights.

The Alienware Aurora’s high price tag is the sole real drawback. However, the high quality of the case and the included functionality make the cost worthwhile.

Alienware Aurora Lights and Their Functions

The Alienware Aurora’s lighting and brightness is what sets it distinct from other computer enclosures. There’s a customizable LED light strip on the front of the casing. Two RGB LED fans are mounted to the front of the case for additional illumination.

Enware Aurora Lights and Their Functions

The Alienware Aurora also features a transparent side panel that reveals the system components. The strong metal and aluminum construction of the casing ensures that it will last a long time. ATX, microATX, and miniITX motherboards are all supported.

If you want a PC case that stands out from the crowd, the Alienware Aurora is a fantastic choice. Compared to competing cases, this one stands out thanks to its unique design.

Specs and Features of the Enware Aurora 2019

We think you’ll agree that the new Alienware Aurora PC case is one of the best available. Space for top-tier components, streamlined cabling, and superior cooling are just a few of the characteristics that will appeal to gamers and power users alike.

You can rest assured that the case’s modern appearance will complement any environment. The Aurora is a premium PC case that deserves serious consideration.

Cost of the Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming PC

One of the best-selling PC gaming systems is the Eenware Aurora 2019. It’s got top-tier technology, a sleek design, and pricing that’s surprisingly affordable for a gaming PC.

Prices for the base variant Aurora 2019 start at $899. The package comes with a 1TB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and a processor based on the Intel Core i5-9400F. The Aurora R8 costs an additional $200, and it adds a 2TB hard drive, 16GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7-9700K CPU.

Specs and Features of the Aurora 2019

Different graphics cards are also an option for the Aurora 2019. NVidia’s GTX 1650 4GB is included in the basic model. If you want a better graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB is available for an additional $100.

The attractive layout of Aurora 2019 is one of its great points. The case is well designed of high quality. Everything within the case can be accessed without any effort. The design’s one and only flaw is that it is not particularly portable.

Anyone looking for a powerful and stylish gaming PC should choose the Aurora 2019.

Size of the Alienware Aurora 2019

The Alienware Aurora has become a standard in the PC case market because of its striking aesthetic and sturdy design. You may choose between a mid-tower and a full-tower version of the case.

Mid-tower cases are the more compact option, and they support ATX motherboards. It can accommodate up to four 3.5-inch hard drives or solid-state drives and has seven expansion slots.

The full-tower option is the largest and can house motherboards with an expanded ATX form factor. There are nine expansion slots, and it can accommodate up to eight 3.5-inch hard disks or solid-state drives.

Both of these cases have certain unique qualities that set them apart from the rest. It has a tempered glass front panel, RGB lights, and a transparent side panel.

If you’re a gamer searching for a high-quality PC case with good aesthetics and lots of room for expansion, the Enware Aurora is a fantastic option.

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Closing Words

If you want a PC case that combines good looks with a solid construction, go no further than the Enware Aurora. It’s well made, has lots of areas to grow, and boasts some fancy illumination options. It’s on the pricier side, though, so keep that in mind as you weigh your decision.