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What Companies Are In the Transportation Field In 2021

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What Companies Are In the Transportation Field

Transportation is one of the important industries across the world. It involves movement of goods, commodities, and people from one place to another across the entire world.  Transportation sector uses various methods of transportation including airways, railways, and highways according to the feasibility and ease of the task. In modern era, it is really important to make sure that you are aware of the top transportation companies. If you know what companies are in the transportation field in 2021, you will be able to make your transportation and parceling experience better.

Since our focus is on top parceling and logistics companies in the United States that are offering their services across the United States and the entire world.

Therefore, we will discuss top transportation companies offering their services in the USA and across the globe. Read on for further details that will follow through:

Difference Between Logistics and Transportation:

Both the terms “Logistics” and “Transportation” are often confused and used interchangeably with each other. However, there is a clear difference between both these terms and the processes they define.

Logistics and Transportation

Transportation is just about moving goods from one place to another, and it is a phase of logistics while logistics consist of many process like Processing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, and delivery.

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Growth of Transportation Sector and Role of Technology in it:

Before taking a look at what companies are in the transportation field in 2021, it is important to see the growth of transportation sector in the last decade. It is also important to see how involvement of technology helped in this whole process.

According to current stats it is understood that the size of transportation in terms of money is mammoth $8 trillion, and it is expected to gain above $9 billion this year. There are multiple factors that have helped transportation sector grow this far.

The most standout factor is obviously technology, every logistics and transportation company has its own smartphone app. These apps allow users to book the services of the company and track the current situation of their order which is updated precisely by the companies.

Moreover, the advent of Covid-19 Pandemic was another factor that made users and businesses realize that ecommerce is the way forward. With a huge growth in ecommerce industry, the logistics and transportation sector also gained a huge importance.

Transportation and logistics companies face a strict cut-throat competition from other companies in the sector when it comes to improving the user experience and matching the expectations of businesses and the end users.

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What Companies are in the Transportation Field in2021?

Now coming to the main question, what companies are in the transportation field in 2021? By the companies we mean the top companies with a large number of customers across the globe.

We have listed some of the top transportation and logistics companies here to help you make the right choice when you want to move your goods from one place to another. Go through the list to know more:


FedEx is the top company when it comes to the transportation of goods. It deals with carrier and package delivery operations across the globe. The company has a well-established infrastructure that allows it to provide individual users and businesses with a complete package of logistics.


The services offered by FedEx include warehousing, freight forwarding, and postal deliveries as well. It has its own business warehouse management software that includes high-end features making it really easier for both the courier providers and the consumers to track the status of goods in real time.

FedEx has its own shipment infrastructure, warehousing facilities across the globe, customs and trade, and above all air and ocean freight network. This is why a lot of people use FedEx as their preferred courier partner for delivery of goods across the globe.

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Also known as United Parcel Service is one of the largest and oldest courier services across the globe. It offers its services around the world. Like FedEx it also offers warehousing and delivery options in addition to transportation of goods.

It is considered as one of the most reliable companies with automatic processing of goods. It is known for implementation of modern-day technology to package, store, and deliver the goods to their intended destination.

UPS transport

The company owns its own airplanes for swift transportation of goods from one end of the world to another. Its services are offered in all continents.

Not only that, it has partnered with a vast number of local courier services across the globe to ensure timely deliveries.  This is why it is seen as one of the most reliable names in logistics and transportation industry.


Whenever you think of going somewhere on the taxi, the very first name that comes to your mind is Uber. Started as a revolutionary technology based taxi company, Uber has really progressed a lot.

In addition to its online taxi booking services, it offers services for food delivery directly from a wide range of restaurants to the doorstep of consumer.


According to recent stats, uber has around 110 million active users across the globe. It offers its services in more than 65 countries and 700 cities around the world.

Now coming to the goods transportation part, one section of this company, which is known as UberFreight helps shippers connect with truckers without any difficulty.

The networth of this company is more than $2 billion without owning a single car, truck, or any other transportation mean. The future goal of this company is to introduce short flight services and that too without owning any airplane.

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DHL supply chain or DHL Express is another standout player in the transportation and logistics sector. Like UPS and FedEx it also offers warehousing,  goods delivery and packaging services in various parts of the world.

DHL transport

It is known for its speedy deliveries. It is worth noting that DHL supply chain is a subsidiary of Deutche Post, a famous German logistics company.

The Wrap Up:

We have just discussed a few of famous transportation companies offering their services across the globe. There are many other famous transportation companies like Lyft and Grab that are known for their reliable shipping and transportation network.

Knowing these names and details will help you find the answer to the question “what companies are in the transportation sector in 2021” and find a reliable goods transportation vendor for your goods.

It should be noted that sometimes the timely delivery of goods is subject to the conditions of a certain place. Take the example of current time for instance, it is really challenging for these companies to move the goods around because of availability of human resources and transport restrictions by various companies due to the Covide-19 pandemic.

Therefore, you need to be patient before you start judging the performance or reliability of any transportation and logistics company. Happy Shipping!


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