4 Fun and Enriching Activities for Kids

4 Fun and Enriching Activities for Kids

Saying that parents have had their hands full for the past few years is the understatement of the century. Parents have faced an immense uphill battle, from school and work disruptions schedules to feeling anxious about their kids education slipping through the cracks.

It’s always great to have a few ideas for handy activities that kids find stimulating and fun, especially when they’re also enriching. Let’s look at four ideas that may appeal to you.

Online Coding Classes

Online coding classes prepare the youth for the digital future. They’ll have a native and fluent understanding of how to use the tech and even how to create it! This helps them shape it instead of the reverse.

Online Coding Classes

Young kids can take a live Python coding class to get started, while teenagers can learn languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++. The program should offer structured support for every level of experience, from novice to expert.

Look for a class that limits class sizes to four or so, so sessions are orderly and not disruptive. Leading programs revolve around how to create a video game, so kids are genuinely excited to learn. They also use gamification concepts which make learning how to create a video game as fun as the game itself!

Chess Lessons

Once children learn the basic rules of chess, from en passant to castling, they know all they’ll need to know to play the game. That doesn’t mean they’re ready to compete against just anyone.

There are free videos you can watch on YouTube teaching tactics and chess fundamentals, like pins, forks, skewers, and more. There’s a saying, “chess is an ocean in which a gnat can drink, or an elephant can bathe.” Your child can take as much or as little from chess as they want!

But it’s a fun, lifelong skill they’ll be glad to know later in life.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Music is its own language, which explains why it’s so hard to use words to describe how exciting and even transcendent it is to play! When you’re in the middle of a solo you nail, or a jam with friends, the feeling of satisfaction and telepathy is out of this world.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Kids may not always run to a piano or guitar to practice their C major scales, but once they get a few songs under their belt and develop some confidence, they’ll be set for a lifetime of pure joy, even if they don’t become professional musicians.

Reading for Pleasure

Sometimes a bad English class or teacher can suck the pleasure out of reading, and young people too often associate reading with a class they don’t necessarily enjoy. Reading is such a fundamental skill, but also a joy; it’s a shame to think a young kid could abandon it early because they get a bad taste in their mouth initially!

Show kids the full range of books out there to ensure they find the one that’s right for them. When they have that lightbulb moment after realizing the books, they learn in school aren’t the only ones out there, they’ll have a lifetime to luxuriate in whatever literature they want.

The above ideas are just springboards for fun and enriching programs your kid may come to love. Don’t push too hard or expect them to dive in and love them right away! But with time and the right environment, one or more of these subjects could change your child’s life.

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