Guide to Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Rings

What is belly button piercing?

Belly button piercing happens right close to the belly area or only in the area of the navel point above the belly button. In reality, the belly button is not cut but only the skin surrounding it. A basic form of belly button piercing happens on the top edge of the navel. Though it is identical to an ear piercing, curing time is relatively longer than piercing different body parts. Curing takes about 6 to 9 months, or even more simply, by taking proper hygiene, curing time goes nicely.

Jewellery types to consider for belly button piercing:

As shortly as your piercing cures, use your creative thinking and find a few high-quality belly button bars with exciting features from mere annular barbells and beautiful jewels graced with sprites and butterflies!

You are able to choose from a broad variety of fashions that are mere bent barbells, gem-studded dangly belly button rings and more. You will have difficulty selecting the best belly button ring with a broad array of jewellery.

Here are a couple of things to count:


It must be made of surgical chromium steel, titanium, BioFlex, fine silver, or 14-18 carat gold. 


A criterion belly ring has an appeal that holdovers your navel, or it can be an invert belly button ring with the fascinating at the big top, you are able also to have a real ring–a moving ring, a shoe barbell, a smooth ring, or a basketball hoop style. 


You are able to have a dropping belly button ring with a flat charm or bezel-set jewel or a mere bent barbell with no ornamental accent in the least.

Select your favourite belly button ring style:

In that respect, there are 3 choices for you in choosing belly button ring styles:

  1. Choose between a belly button that is the top-down inverse; a standard navel ring with the big bottom ball, appeal or ornamentation type that sits down over/in your navel; or a hoop, a ringed barbell or a confined bead ring.
  2. If you wish for a belly button ring, you are able to narrow your selections far for a belly ring with a belly button screen which either comprehends the belly button or broods it.
  3. Choose navel screens in criterion and top-down fashions and with or without drops that will add your belly in focus.

Last words:

Your choice to get a piercing needs a lot of aftercare, but you are able to be checked if done safely. Ensure an accredited person does the job and that the area is clean and bacteria-free. Look after your all-purpose health so you heal faster and belittle the risk of getting complications.

This article provides a complete guide to navel rings that go a long way towards your conclusion to have belly button piercing. You are able to now utilize jewellery in your belly button that permits for an extensive range of creative styles. Welcome to your beautiful bikini-clad body spotlit by a belly button piercing in exalting designs!