Helping Students Overcome Their Fear Towards Math


Math can be stressful and challenging for some teenagers. One of the main reasons for this is because children are expected to learn all of the mathematical formulas by heart at a young age and then recite them on a standardized test administered by their schools. As a result, children lack proper foundations and struggle to apply even elementary concepts.

Some parents attribute their child’s lack of mathematical ability to genetics, while others believe their child will never be excellent at math. This is a complete lie. Teachers can employ various strategies to spark students’ curiosity and excitement.

Providing The Right Environment For Students To Explore

The first thing teachers should do is create a conducive learning environment. It is critical to instill that the skills needed to solve arithmetic problems may be mastered over time with practice. Thanks to our brain’s neuroplasticity, anyone can adapt and start with the basics.

The focus and effort should not be on getting the correct answer or solving the most questions. Instead, it should be about enjoying the learning process and understanding the concepts with ease. Math Minds, a Melbourne maths tutoring company, is pioneering this approach, by celebrating mistakes, encouraging exploration and developing a ‘number sense’.

The environment should be so that students won’t feel condemned when they make a mistake. In fact, push them to reflect and learn from their mistakes. They should be given the freedom to make mistakes.

A solution to a problem can be found in a variety of math methods. If a student finds a specific method difficult or overwhelming, they should be provided alternative ways to make the process more convenient for them.

Understand That Every Child Is Unique And Learns At Their Own Pace

It is critical to provide students with their own space and to encourage them to learn. It’s very typical for one child to finish the syllabus in a week and another in a month.

Every Child Is Unique

Rushing them to cram the concepts and getting a good grade on a test isn’t enough. They must be able to comprehend and apply concepts.

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Teaching Them Accountability

Assigning countless assignments and homework won’t motivate students to sit down and study. If a student is not sitting down and studying, assigning more work won’t help by any means.

Teaching student math

Teachers must instill a sense of responsibility in their students. It will aid in the development of improved study habits and better time management. As students progress to higher levels, they will learn concepts with ease.

Teaching Them Better Revision Techniques

Revision plays a vital role in helping students understand the concepts. Don’t put up heavy schedules and endless hours of practice sessions. Allow them to engage and learn instead of mugging up formulas like robots.

Have them engage in one on one conversations and different study groups. As they share the concepts and teach other students, their concepts get clearer, and they have a better grip on the subject.

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Importance Of Developing The Right Mindset

Math is a complex subject for many children. They have the impression that no matter how hard they work, they will be unable to resolve the issues. It has a severe negative impact on their university time, and they struggle throughout their career.

Some students acquire inferiority complexes and anxiety to the point that they will no longer learn the subject. All of these issues can be overcome by adopting a positive attitude.

Math is complicated at first, but it becomes enjoyable after getting the hang of it. So, teachers must prioritize instilling the proper mindset toward the subject.

Knowing Where To Start And Having The Right Resources

Math is an ocean. There are too many concepts to learn, which can all get confusing. It is recommended that a student follow a particular curriculum to keep track. If you’re looking for resources online, Revision Village is the place to go for high-quality IB Maths revision materials.

They offer a variety of features which include:

  • Question banks are categorized by level of difficulty and topic.
  • Practice tests to help students get ready for the real tests. In addition to that they provide a number of quizzes and mock tests and tests based on a specific topic to help students gain confidence and test themselves.
  • Video solutions to questions and previous papers to help students graph concepts better. These video solutions make it easier for them to learn because they can rewind and learn if they’ve missed the point. Allows the students to learn at their own pace.
  • Summaries of key concepts and formulas in a video format help students clear any doubts.
  • Curriculum for different standards and can help students and teachers have a clear idea about
  • Simple and elegant design helps students navigate and use it with ease.

Visit their website online to get more information about the courses, standards, test papers, video solutions, and much more.