How can writers start freelance writing jobs online?

Freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing is one of the best services for writers to offer on freelancing platforms, but if you are a beginner, then it’ll be difficult for you to get your first client.

This article is for new article writers, and it will have information about how to start freelancing as a beginner but first of all, let’s clear the confusion about how to start freelancing? Everyone asks the same question, what are the requirements for starting a career in freelancing?

Requirements for starting freelancing

You only need the following three main things to start your career in freelancing.

  • A laptop
  • Internet connection
  • One skill ( writing, designing, marketing, etc.)

Freelance writing jobs tips for beginners

It is hard to find a writing job as a beginner because of high competition but remember freelancing requires a lot of patience and consistency. So, don’t lose hope and continue your freelance job search.

This guide article will surely open a few ways of starting your career.

Freelance writing related Facebook groups

You can also start your career from Facebook groups. There are hundreds of freelancing groups on Facebook, search for writing groups, and join them.

facebook for Freelance writing jobs
Approach Facebook groups for freelance writing jobs

Apply for the jobs that are posted on these groups and also post your services in these freelancing groups. But beware of scams, as there are a lot of frauds in these groups.

Ask your fellows

Okay! It may sound strange for some of you, but it can help you a lot in making your brand. Tell your friends, family members, and co-workers about your services and ask them if they require any of your services.

Freelance writing jobs
Ask your fellows for freelance writing

You can offer them your services free of cost to make your portfolio, and ultimately you will surely reach new clients.

Make your blog

It is another step to polish your writing skills and start your career in freelancing. You can start it by using Blogspot, or you can also make your blogging website.

Freelance writing jobs
Make your own blog

You may also join other blogging platforms like On these platforms, write articles about your niche, spend time on research, and make them perfect. It’ll help in making your portfolio strong.

Social media presence for Freelance writing?

Yes, you can say, social media presence is mandatory in freelancing. Be active on different social platforms and offer your services. And apply for various jobs using social media.

Make a powerful impact on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow different accounts on these sites that require freelance services.

How guest posting can payoff in freelancing?

Guest posting is another way to build your brand and start your career in freelance writing. In freelancing, you’ll have to show your work to clients to get orders.

If you don’t have samples to show then how will you prove that you are the best choice for them? So start your career through guest posting.

These were some must-follow tips to start your career in freelance writing, follow these tips to earn handsome income through freelancing.

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