Freelance writing jobs online for beginners

Freelance writing jobs

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and offers different services like writing, designing, marketing, website development, and many others. The freelance market is getting bigger every day, and so the competition is quite difficult for the newbies.

The best services in the freelance marketplace include digital marketing, graphic designing, website development, and article writing.

This article is for the beginners to guide, how to start their career in freelancing as a beginner? But let’s discuss some famous freelance platforms first.

Best freelance platforms

Several platforms allow you to offer your services as a freelancer in exchange of a fixed percentile commission. Some of the best freelance marketplaces are below.

But these are not the only platforms through which you can earn money online. Some of the other best options to Earn online are below.

Remote jobs

There are different organizations, or you can say companies that are always looking to hire freelance writers. They offer you a handsome amount and work from home.

Hurray!!! But how will you know about such job vacancies? Look through newspapers, magazines, and social media and always apply on such job ads.

Never ignore these ads if you are a beginner. There are every time opportunities for beginners.

LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn is the best social platform to search for your jobs. Build your connection network on Linkedin and search for writing jobs through their job board.

Contact them and use your communication skills effectively to get your first order.


Reddit is another social platform that allows you to offer your services online. And there are various services on Reddit through which you can earn high paying jobs. Writing is one of the high paying jobs on this medium.

Write for different sites

Different websites pay writers to write for them. You can contact them and send them your samples. It is not an easy-going task, as it takes a lot of time.

Freelance writing jobs
Freelance writing jobs

First, you will have to contact them, send them your sample work, then you will write for them. After your article gets approved, then you will get paid. It can be a hectic job for beginners.

Referrals can be helpful.

If you have written for a client, you can ask them for a referral. It can be a way of a successful career.

Connect yourself with other writers

Try to connect yourself with top writers and ask them questions related to writing. Email them or send messages on LinkedIn and learn new things.

Never feel shy in asking questions as it can be a hindrance in your career. Be humble and ask them to guide you nicely.

Use Facebook for freelance writing jobs.

You can use different Facebook groups where clients post their projects. Through these groups, you can get various writing jobs, and you can also create your Facebook page where you can offer your services and then promote this page.

Top freelancing niches

The top freelancing niches are

  • Speech writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Email marketing writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Business writing