Website development proposal guide for beginners

Website development proposal

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the most critical points about the proposal of website development. Having a confident, well-structured proposal will make a great impression on clients and boosts our chances of getting a job

Here are some approaches that are helpful for beginners but firstly let’s discuss

What is a website development proposal?

It is a written agreement between you and your client in which you offer your services as a web developer. In this proposal, you’ll discuss every work during the project and schedule and your price.

How to start writing the website development proposal?

First of all, you should know about the client for whom you are working. Research your client details, their company details, and brand information.

Use templates in your proposal

By using it, you can show your skills to the client, and it’ll add a positive impression for you. It is an easy way to simplify your designing process, and you can show each process of the project using the template effectively.

Website development proposal
Website development proposal guide for beginners

But how should you design your proposal template?


Start the template by introducing yourself and your services, your company, and your work experience.

Problems and their solutions

In this portion, you’ll discuss the pain points of the client. How are these problems affecting website progress? And then propose the solutions to these problems, each with details and their impact on the website.

Use mockups

It is an effective way to communicate and offer your proposal to the client. It’ll increase your chances of hiring. The client will see the results of the project and will surely want to work with you.

Don’t forget to discuss mobile devices.

It’ll be another positive point. Discuss your design concerning the people using mobile devices and their experience.


It is must add a point in this proposal. Explain your timeline schedules in this proposal and make sure that all the details are easy to read and make sure to use approximations.

Pricing quote

Your proposal should clarify your pricing and if you are offering any additional services and will charge extra for that then don’t forget to add them to your submission. It should be easy to read.

Extra services

Add additional services that you can offer in the proposal like extra pages, other design services, social media marketing services, and any other of your expertise.


It is another way to showcase your experience to the client. Make an extra page of testimonials and add 5-10 of the positive testimonials that you’ve got.

Terms and conditions

It is the most critical point that many designers forget to add. You must add this point and discuss legal terms and conditions with the client.

Web development proposal summary

Briefly describe your proposal about website designing, problem statement, its solutions, your schedule, pricing, and anything else for the project.

Ask the questions

Ask your questions to the clients, about their inspiration, competition, business, expectations, and any other queries in your mind.

Creating a website development proposal may seem like a hectic job to you, but it’ll surely be beneficial to you in the future.