How to choose the best Magento developer?

best Magento developer

Choosing a web studio is almost like choosing a life partner: a mistake can be very expensive. This article will be especially useful for customers who are primarily concerned with quality and the absence of the need to carefully monitor every step of contractors. If you plan to order the creation of a site on Magento, use the results of the rating based on the portfolio of web development.

If you need to develop an online store with Magento, we recommend that you study a special rating.

To get additional information, you can go to the cards and websites of the rating participants and, if necessary, hold a tender for the development of a site on Magento between the selected ones. Choosing to hire a dedicated Magento developer is just as important as choosing the right Magento developer company.

A brief guide to the Magento website development market

CMS is a website content management system. This is what digital agencies use to create websites and ensure their operation (add new headings, change the design, or introduce new functionality). Customers, on the other hand, have to deal with CMS in the process of posting texts to the site or, for example, processing customer orders.

agento website development

The customer does not need to buy CMS separately. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the contractor – he will simply add its cost to the total estimate.

Why it is so important to choose the right CMS?

The choice of CMS is extremely indispensable. The cost of the future site, the convenience of subsequent work with it, the quality of SEO, and much more depending on the management system.

Another important point when choosing a CMS is its demand among web developers. For example, a CMS developed by employees of a particular web studio (self-written) by default does not imply further transfer of the project to another contractor.

choose the right CMS

That is, before ordering a new version of the site (as a rule, this happens only after 3-5 years), the site owner will have to deal with a specific web studio, regardless of whether he was satisfied with the previous cooperation or not. Based on these arguments, experts advise ordering the development of a web project on one of the most popular CMS.

Find your Magento developer online

When looking for Magento developers, you can use multiple services and specialized sites. Here are the most popular:

  1. Total
  2. CodementorX
  3. Upwork
  4. Geeks Per Hour
  5. Elogic
  6. Stack Overflow
  7. Hired
  8. People Per Hour
  9. Freelancer
  10. Guru
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Customer paradigm

But do not forget to take into account that when choosing a developer on the listed sites, you always run the risk of getting an unqualified specialist who will let you down. Therefore, we strongly advise you to look for Magento developers in specialized agencies.

About the Magento platform

Magento belongs to the Open Source platforms (it is free, developed by enthusiasts from all over the world).

Every year in our company, web developers develop many projects on this content management system, of which 95% of orders come from online stores, the remaining 5% are occupied by services or portals.

Do you want to hire a Magento development service or a Magento programmer for your site, or does your site need shopware development services? Contact us now to start building your eCommerce website now! Our company will be able to qualitatively provide you with any services related to e-commerce.