How to Run a Content Agency with Full-time Employees

Content Agency

Operating a content agency to provide bloggers and companies with content can be profitable when you do it right. Most agencies work with freelancers, which can create a revolving door of writers.

However, for agencies that need a consistent approach and clients that want the same writers to complete their batches of work, working with full-time writers can be worthwhile. Here is how to run a successful content agency and still keep it as a digital business.

Employ the Team Full-time

A dedicated team of writers who won’t disappear on you is far easier to manage than freelancers. The writers will appreciate the consistency of a regular paycheck and the potential to earn bonuses too. Furthermore, the inclusion of paid vacation time and sick pay benefits offers something that freelance writers do not receive.

When opting for full-time writers, be sure to use payroll services for small businesses. This avoids having full-time employees adding to the administrative aches and pains. Choosing the right payroll services partner is important. Consider the payroll services for small businesses through G&A Partners because they offer a complete package.

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Work Remotely

Employees should work remotely with an agency. While the WFH model has only recently come into vogue, the reality is that writing agencies, freelancers, and digital nomads have been doing it for over a decade already.

Run a Content Agency

Use the advantage of not needing a large office, lease and rent payments, office equipment, and all the other associated costs to ensure the agency turns a tidy profit.

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Decide If You’ll Niche Down or Not

There is a strong trend for clients to seek out writers with knowledge in particular areas now. By doing this, they can receive expert content at an affordable rate.

Agencies have noticed the increasing demand for specialists, rather than generalized SEO writing. Decide early if you’ll niche down by offering writing on specific subjects such as finance, education, business, careers, and so forth.

Niching down can make it difficult to grow a new digital agency if there isn’t much demand for it or another agency already grabs most of that business. However, it’s easier to develop a strong brand reputation when niching down in a planned manner.

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Know Exactly How You’ll Get Clients

If you were a freelancer and now you’re creating a content agency, it’s important to think bigger. Appreciate that rather than picking up one or two new clients at a time with small article orders, it’ll be necessary to network with large partners and develop more professional relationships.

Getting an ‘in’ with a few large corporations that have multiple blogs requiring regular feeding with new content can ensure the agency hits the ground running.

Sticking with the small fry and trying to scoop up a few more of those likely won’t supply enough consistent work to keep a diverse, full-time team of writers busy enough. When approached the correct way, a new content agency can find early success and build upon it gradually with time.