Popular eSports Events and Tournaments

Popular eSports Events and Tournaments

In the eSports gaming field, being alert about the most famous tournaments and matches is more important for a successful bet. Betting on particular eSports groups and players an enjoyable and financially good at the same time.

Today more and more players play real money slots at playamo.com but eSports betting is rocketed in just a few decades. Now it is a real sports discipline that attracts millions of fans and major investors.

Each tournament is pretty passionate and an excellent opportunity to bet on games with fascinating eSports odds. Here I’ve kept more facts about the most popular tournaments in the eSport gaming field and play real money slots at playamo.com.


 The International

In this tournament, there is the best Dota 2 gamers and the hugest prize pool for one game. This international match is considered one of the most popular and favored annual eSports tournaments for professional video gamers globally.

Intel Extreme Masters

Here the prize poo will be higher than $2 million and one of the largest CS: GO matches which people more concerned. This extreme intel master is a series of international eSports games that are held over the world.

The League of Legends World Championship

This is also a professional eSports championship that is organized by Riot Games annually. The most exciting thing is, participants in this event will win a multi-million dollar prize as well as the Summoner’s Cup.

 Call of Duty Championship

This championship hold after the high point of each competitive event to decide the world championship. Call of Duty Championship is held annually. It’s essential to be qualified to participate in this in the different seasons.

ESL Pro League

This is a premier CS: GO professional eSports league in America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Apart from the pro league, ESL holds other companies like the Halo League and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege league.

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 Varieties of eSports Bets

These are a bit similar to those in regular sports. Here are some famous bets for eSports bettors.

Total Winner Bet

This is the type that is most common in eSports betting. The main aim here is to bet on the total winner of a game or tournament. Some famous winner bets are money line bets and point spreads.

Over/Under Bets

You may gamble on statistics in the match with this bet. For example, you can ensure that the total number of deaths should be less than or more than a given agreed number.

Future Bets

In the true meaning of the name, these are wagers placed on games that will take place in the future. Most importantly, it would help if you put an eSports bet on the winner of an upcoming tournament a few days or even weeks before it holds.

Live Bets

Again the name it suggests, this is a live happening bet. Bettors should be attentive to make quick decisions according to the live active things.

Proposition Bets

In proposition bets betting on what you believe will happen during the game. As an example, you can bet on the first team to destroy an inhibitor.

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  • Players can select from a wide range of eSports markets these days.
  • There are no off-seasons in eSports betting.
  • eSports betting is enjoyable since bettors can be on live events.
  • eSports players have a chance to win real money without any effort.


  • This is not as popular as regular sports betting.
  • The player is difficult to go far without a better knowledge of the different types of eSports.


If you are an eSports player or a fan looking to bet on competitive video games, you can have many options. It’s free to decide using the information given here to select one.

Here I have listed online esports betting platforms with the most sought-after eSport markets, bonus offers, and promotions for eSport and other widely-played sports. Play real money slots at playamo.com which would be more beneficial for you.