Akali Counter | The Best Counters in League of Legends

Akali Counter

Akali Counter Guide & Tricks | Akali is perhaps the hardest boss to look at in the mid-path in League of Legends. She has extraordinary wave clearness, death potential, and a ton of portability.

Even after endless nerfs, she has kept steady over the meta, giving an extraordinary split-push potential while additionally being a gigantic danger in team fights.

The changes in Patch 11.6 brought her back into the mid-path meta with all the control mages spinning out of control.

Pros and Cons of Akali 

In spite of the fact that she has a ton of qualities, she has a few shortcomings you should utilize right off the bat to prevent her from compounding. Here are the best counter picks to beat Akali in the mid-path.

Akali has a one-dimensional playstyle of getting in closeness to land a Five Point Strike (Q), prior to withdrawing out of her Assassin Mark (P) reach to get the expanded harm and reach buff on her next auto assault.

Pros and Cons of Akali

The exchanging layout is something very similar all through the whole game, and by perusing Akali’s developments, you can either evade the Five Point Strike and be protected. Or retreat in the event that she landed it to try not to get hit by her detached too.

When Akali arrives at level six, she turns into an enormous issue to manage because of her Perfect Execution (R) extreme. Which basically gives her admittance to four runs, two through a definitive and two by means of her Shuriken Flip (E).

This permits her to move quickly around team fights and rule out you to react. Remember this reality during the laning stage too, since, in the event that you have no Flash, you’ll be a simple kill for her.

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  1. Twisted Fate:

Twisted Fate is one of the most grounded mid laners in the current meta because of his meandering and wave’s clear potential.

While most players accept, he is soft and will get effectively cultivated by professional killer players. Like Akali, by utilizing the legitimate runes it will be intense for Akali to get a lead.

Twisted Fate

During the landing stage, you need to begin with Corrupting Potion and utilize your Stacked Deck (E) detached on Akali each time it’s up.

You need to stick her down without going into the scope of her combo. By continually jabbing her down, she will be compelled to back. And will give you an opportunity to either assemble a gold lead from tower plates or a sufficient opportunity to wander to different paths.

In the event that she attempts to go in, you can undoubtedly turn on her with a gold card from Pick a Card (W) joined with Wild Cards (Q).

The early harm from the two of them is considerable, and on the off chance that you add the harm after some time (DoT) impact from Corrupting Potion too, Akali will be in for a terrible time frame.

In team fights, watch out for Akali’s situating. On the off chance that you’ve played the path effectively, you ought to have a nice gold lead over her.

With it, attempt to help your group secure targets and work towards your success condition contingent upon your group piece.

Make sure to utilize your definitive in team fights to uncover Akali for a simple kill in the event that she overextends and goes into her Twilight Shroud.

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  1. Kassadin

Kassadin is perhaps the most grounded counter because of his capacity to coordinate with her harm and portability. While he required the opportunity to get rolling before.

His present base harm is all that could possibly be needed from the get-go to pressure Akali and power her play protectively.


Investigate exchanging with Akali with your Null Sphere (Q) and an auto assault by means of Nether Blade (W) at whatever point she attempts to go for her combo during the landing stage.

These two capacities joined can convey around 200 harms right off the bat. Several such exchanges can give you a huge benefit.

The most awesome aspect of playing Kassadin into Akali is that you have a sorcery harm safeguard on your Q, giving you a great deal of opposition almost immediately during your exchanges.

When you gain admittance to Force Pulse (E), your exchanges become a lot more grounded and on the off chance that you can without much of a stretch get early kills.

Break Walk (R) permits you to coordinate with Akali’s portability all through the laning stage. Your objective ought to be to arrive at Everfrost quickly, which will permit you to dig Akali and set up kills during the mid-game.

You can begin wandering once you approach your definitive to accelerate your colleagues so you make some simpler memories managing Akali later.

  1. Galio

Galio is a more protective boss to counter Akali with. He dominates at setting up ganks and moving around the guide instead of being an immediate counter to Akali during the laning stage.

Because of your tankiness and wizardry arranged pack, you can undoubtedly endure the landing stage and jab down Akali. On the off chance that she attempts to go for her combo. You can generally go for a Justice Punch (E), Winds of War (Q), and Shield of Durand (W) combo.


Indeed, even without a ton of capacity power, this combo will do a ton of harm right off the bat. Permitting you to set up performance kills or, in the event that you can’t kill her alone, set up a kill for your jungle.

As the game passes by and you arrive at level six, you can make plays across the whole guide with your worldwide extreme. Search for plays around the guide to make them go since you will not be that significant in the event that you stay even with Akali in the mid path.

Something significant to monitor is Akali’s Shuriken Flip since she might actually follow your meanders to different paths.


So, this was all about the Akali Counter. Just read it all and then you will be able to play with great potential.