Top 10 Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone

fax apps for iPhone

FAX APPS FOR IPHONE | It has been longer than a century and a half since fax was presented. Nonetheless, after some time, innovation has advanced and embraced versatility.

Fax applications for iPhone are a fine illustration of it. It may sound old, yet the last time I saw somebody utilizing fax several minutes before composing this part.

Why Fax Instead of Email?

To this, the answer is, “messages resemble electronic postcards. Before arriving at their last objective, they go through ISPs, firewalls, workers, and information gathering bots that make them helpless against robbery and penetrate.

In contrast to this, fax utilizes PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), which is much safer.” that is also an answer.

best free iPhone fax apps

“Each time you send a record through fax, the document’s changed over into base64 twofold at the beginning area and reassembled at the last objective.

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Best Fax Applications for iPhone to Send/Get Faxes

The discussion left me in a situation and the end, drove me to look for a portion of the top fax applications. Also, this is what I found.

  1. WeFax – Fax App

As the leading mobile fax app, WeFax provides a great mobile faxing experience for individuals & businesses alike. WeFax is perfect for faxing any kind of documents, receipts, contracts etc.

WeFax - Fax App

How it works:

  • No account setup required
  • Scan documents or create faxes by importing files.
  • Add cover page to your faxes for a more professional look. (Optional)
  • Use address book to select recipient number.
  • Preview any document before sending.
  • Send fax on-the-go to any fax number in the world.
  • Track sent fax’s status with ease.

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  1. E fax

This application offers a simple to utilize interface, permitting you to fax in a couple of basic advances. Aside from the interface, you can fax in excess of 200 nations overall utilizing a nearby number or a complimentary fax number.

E fax

You filter your records utilizing the camera and print faxes utilizing Air Print and deal with your expert and individual contact list.

The application additionally permits you to tag and access your faxes at the tap on your cell phone. While the application may appear to be similarly costly, the rundown of highlights will compensate for it.

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  1. Fax from iPhone

One of the essential reasons that I shortlisted this application is that the developers have been acquainting consistent updates from time to time.

This at last guarantees that the group is earnestly taking client fulfillment and opportune updates as a need. A portion of the key highlights that can be featured here incorporate output and fax as a solitary page or group, support in 50 nations, track status, transfer reports to the cloud, and so forth.

  1. Fax Burner

Before we begin to discuss highlights, let me share that the application brags a normal rating of 4.9 stars on the Application Store in the list of fax apps for iPhone. The numbers demonstrate cheerfully, fulfilled, and faithful clients.


Each time you mean to get a fax or send one, just let the application know, and it’ll give you a number a legitimacy of 24 hours.

Other than this, it is profoundly gotten and offers coordination with your inbox and dropbox. The application surely is a venture you make for your business correspondence.

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  1. My fax app

The application permits you to send/get up to 300 faxes a month and offers all-day, everyday client assistance to determine every one of your questions. You can likewise store limitless faxes to your MyFax Distributed storage.

Hardly any other prominent highlights like cover pages, Apple Air Print similarity, pick a nearby or complementary number, and so forth All things considered, it’s anything but a consistent encounter of versatile faxing.

  1. JotNotFax

The application isn’t simply simple to utilize yet, in addition, accompanies direct membership offers and individual credit buy bundles. Plus, it allows you to remain coordinated by keeping an ongoing track of the sent and got faxes.


One energizing component of the application is that you can give a cover page for each fax you send. You likewise get verification of transmission for the sent faxes.

  1. Fax file

The application is intended to send and get faxes effortlessly, either by filtering or transferring straightforwardly from distributed storage. It’s anything but a fax number from your contact rundown, or you can physically type it.

Other than this, if for reasons unknown your fax neglects to send, it’ll naturally retry until it is sent and will keep you refreshed with the advancement.

The application can be of extraordinary use on the off chance that you are from the USA or Canada; for different nations, it’s suggested you check whether it’s upheld.

  1. Wisefax

The application engages you to have the highlights of an incredible faxing machine on your iPhone. It comes stacked with an incorporated report scanner application and picture preparing with shading amendment and upgrade highlights for better coherence.

Other than this, you don’t have to have a committed telephone line to utilize the application. Last yet fundamental, the Fax Free application allows you to send reports in 90+ nations.

  1. Metro Fax

Simply on the off chance that you would prefer not to go through cash by any means, Metro fax is an ideal decision for you. The application is free, with zero secret expenses. Nonetheless, this doesn’t bargain with the highlights.

You actually will pick a nearby or complementary number, transfer and move documents to the cloud, add a cover page, print faxes, oversee contracts, and substantially more.

  1. Fax from iPhone – Speedy Fax App

Speedy Fax App allows you to join different records into single fax and add a customized cover page before you send it.

It likewise permits you to see your record before sending it further, guaranteeing that you commit no errors. It further allows you to import and store archives on the cloud, track the sent documents, and significantly more.

11. I fax

ifax is one of the best free fax apps for iPhone. This present one’s longer than 10 years old fax application with more than 5 million clients in more than 20 nations.

I fax

While the figures ought to express its unwavering quality, the application accompanies 100% military-grade security and protection with 256-digit SSL start to finish encryption and is agreeable with HIPPA faxing.

Discussing highlights, you can send the ‘n’ number of faxes utilizing the coordinated archive scanner. Additionally, it accompanies cross-gadget simple entry, including iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh Watch.

12. FAX from iPhone: Send Docs

FAX from iPhone: Send Docs is the top free app for sending/getting fax for your iPhone. Perfect app with a build-in scanner, e-signature, faxes history, importing files from iPhone, and personalized cover page.

Secure and fast, with a multi-language interface it would be perfectly fit for all your business purposes. Free week trial, to try out all the best features of the iPhone FAX App.


These are the top or best 10 fax apps for iPhone to chip away at your Apple gadget. We have given you over a rundown of applications ask with their significant element assuming any. This will help you a great deal in choosing the right application for your work.