5 Reasons To Start Using Temporary Numbers For Receiving OTP

Using Temporary Numbers For Receiving OTP

Using temporary phone numbers is commonplace for internet users in the modern world. They are useful in a lot of different cases. For example, when it is not possible to use a personal number when signing up for a certain online service or there is a need to create multiple accounts on the same platform. They have many use cases. So we will explain the 5 most obvious reasons to start using such a tool as a temporary phone number.

No need for a SIM card

The best thing about temporary numbers is that work completely online. Everything that users have to do takes place on appropriate websites and apps. With that said, there is absolutely no need to get and insert a SIM card into a mobile phone to use them. It is also not even necessary to have a mobile phone or tablet. You just need to have any device with an internet connection in order to take advantage of this feature.

Available everywhere

One of the primary functions of temporary numbers is to assist users in circumventing various internet limitations and restrictions. Because of this, they are widely available. While living in China, Russia, Iran, or any other country in the world, you can use temporary phone numbers to create accounts on restricted websites and applications.

use  Temporary Numbers For Receiving OTP everywhere

Its uniqueness also makes it an excellent tool for travelers. It eliminates the need to be concerned about losing access to instant messengers and social networking sites while traveling across borders. Temporary numbers enable users to sign up for any online platform without the need for a SIM card or even a mobile phone.

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Use without limitations

Most often each person cannot get more than one SIM card with a single mobile phone number linked to it. It is possible only in a few countries on the planet. There is no such issue when it comes to using temporary phone numbers. You can use as many of them as you want or need to achieve one or another goal. Thus, they allow the creation of unlimited accounts on various websites and apps.

Low cost

Low cost

A new SIM card will cost you at least a few dollars. In some countries, the price could be even several times higher. It is not the case with temporary numbers though. Despite the fact that their price varies depending on a few factors such as their country of origin and the online service that they are set up to work with, it rarely exceeds $1. So using a temporary phone number to sign up for such online services as Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other platform is a relatively inexpensive solution.

Getting in minutes

You don’t have to go anywhere to get a temporary number. There is no need to go to a cell phone carrier or anything of the sort. Such a service is available for purchase online through the SMS-Man OTP verification platform. It allows you to obtain temporary phone numbers for receiving verification codes in virtually any country, regardless of population or size. The procedure for working with it is as follows:

  1. Register with sms-man.com.
  2. Add credits to the balance using a suitable payment method.
  3. On the service’s homepage, select the mobile operator’s country.
  4. Select the required website or application from the tab with supported websites and applications.
  5. To purchase a temporary number, click the buy button.

The task has been completed. You’ve just purchased a temporary phone number that will allow you to receive an SMS message from a specific online service. Simply use it in the same way as if it was a regular mobile phone number and request a verification code. Then, when it will be sent, switch back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS”. There will appear a code containing several digits. Use it to finish verification and create an account.