200 Reborn Baby Nursery Names For Boys & Girls | Updated List

reborn baby nursery names

Reborn dolls are an important part of everyone’s childhood since they allow children to build emotional attachments when playing with dolls. Reborn dolls, which may be found in hundreds of different styles, are a popular pastime for children. A reborn doll collection is incomplete without a catchy and decent reborn doll name. In order to help you out, we’ve put up a list of over 200 reborn baby nursery names.

A name for each of the reborn dolls would help children learn more about the dolls, even if many doll collectors don’t know what they’re called.

Reborn baby nursery names help to create a special bond between the collector and the dolls. As a result, dolls should be given names by collectors so that they may be easily identified.

What is meant by Reborn Baby Nursery Names?

Reborn baby nursery names are the imaginative and creative baby monikers given to reborn dolls. Reborns are lifelike dolls created from high-quality vinyl and given personalized touches that make them look and feel like real babies.  

These names capture the spirit of the doll, whether it’s a traditional name or something more whimsical. Reborns can be named after family members, famous people, or even characters from books and movies. 

Reborns are often treated as part of the family by their owners, so nursery names can help to make them feel like they truly belong. With these special baby names, reborn doll owners can show how much they care for their dolls and create a lasting bond between them. 

Reborn baby names are a way to give your doll a special identity and make it feel even more real. 

Each reborn baby nursery name should be chosen carefully and reflect the personality of the doll.

Considerations to Name Your Reborn Doll

If you collect reborn dolls as a hobby, you should name the dolls since it increases the appeal of reborn dolls to children who play with them.

The owner of a collection of reborn dolls is well-versed in identifying and describing the dolls in question when someone inquires about their collection.

Name Your Reborn Doll

The Reborn baby nursery names develop an emotional connection with the reborn doll’s owners. We’re all aware that chatting with one’s reborn dolls is a popular pastime that almost everyone participates in.

It is easier to differentiate amongst a large collection of reborn dolls because of their names. Collectors will refer to reborn baby nursery names once they have learned them.

Adults may form emotional bonds to the Reborn dolls as a result of the naming of the reborn dolls.

Here are just a few good reasons to give your reborn baby doll a name:

  1. By naming these adorable reborn dolls, you’re bringing attention to some of the best reborn doll names.
  2. It enhances the collector’s bond with the dolls by strengthening the dolls’ personification.
  3. It’s been shown that giving the Reborn Dolls names helps them form emotional bonds with them.
  4. The popularity of reborn dolls is increasing among collectors, which in turn attracts more attention from spectators.
  5. It makes it easier to tell one reborn doll from another and to locate the one the collector owns.
  6. There is no need for the reborn dolls to be given a single name; their surnames can be added.
  7. Names for reborn dolls should be expressive of the dolls’ personalities while also being amusing to both young females and young males alike.

Before the reborn baby nursery doll can utilise it lawfully, it must be issued a new birth certificate. To establish a strong bond between the reborn dolls and their young fans, their names are unusual and delightful.

Reborn dolls are often given names before they are put on sale by the creator. Reborn doll owners have the choice of maintaining or changing the doll’s original name.

A Comprehensive List of 100+ Reborn Baby Nursery Names

Why not grab some paper and a pen and start writing down any and all things that come to mind? You’ll be able to enjoy the process of picking a name and go on a long journey if you put your thoughts down on paper.

Being able to visualise something, rather than just thinking about it, is significantly more helpful than simply thinking about it. What surprises you with your list is a certainty! You can then combine these words to come up with something truly unique. Please enjoy our collection of 100+ unique reborn baby nursery names.

100 Reborn Baby Nursery Names Ideas For Boys with Meaning

100 Reborn Baby Nursery Names Ideas For Boys

Name Meanings
AaronThat is a Biblical Hebrew name that means exalted or strong.

Abémeans daddy of nations.

AnakinSon of a Jedi Knight; chosen one who brings balance to the galaxy.


act upon a judgment bold or heroic.

Adleygoing to do what is right.

Aldusis an aspirated derivation of Gaelic for fireman.

Aidenis a strong-willed boy who knows what he wants.

Alan'sthe name in Gaelic for noble.

AuberA character comes from the French word meaning "ruler of the elves" or "fair ruler of the little people."

Austinis very good, polite, and helpful.

Axelis the calm and cute man.

Atwoodis A forest dweller who leads a simple but satisfying life.

Arnoldis as powerful as an Eagle.

Arielis this name's Hebrew military and biblical definition.

Anselof noble birth is referenced.

Angusis a one-of-a-kind, special and strong individual.

AndrewValiant is a masculine, strong individual.

Amoswho carries God, is a German Jewish name meaning God.

Ambroseimmortalizes Someone who likes to live on by their upholding their reputation.

AlbernThe valiant conduct of the nobles is admirable.

AmeliaFeminine form of Latin name Amalric; blessed by the moon goddess Diana.

AlisonFrom the meadow where lambs feed; gentle and kind.

AidenRuler of the waves, bringer of good news.

AdalynnFrom the God of the forest; protector.

AceHighest rank, first in line.

AbelGod is gracious.

BairdA skillful and musical musician or minstrel.

Barclayis a natural name that means "birch meadow."

BarinA gallant combatant who strives for the best.

Barnabyis a prophet who is smart, truthful, and virtuous.

Barnettis an English name that means "leadership."

Baruchis a Hebrew name that means "blessing."

Beaumeans "handsome."

BentonA resident of the moors.

Berwinis a Welsh name meaning "blessing."

Blakeis a name for Someone having light skin.

BooneExcellent - a great blessing

BorisA warrior - Someone who is bold, strong, and dependable.

BrendanTraveler - a great name for a boy you hope will one day travel the world

Cedricis a Welsh name that means "war captain" or "brave warrior."

Colinmeans "cub" in Gaelic.

CaydenThe bravest and strongest combatant.

Cameronis a Celtic surname that means "crooked nose."

Calevis a biblical name that means "heart-like."

CormacGaelic for "raven."

Crispinis a traditional English name that means "curly-headed."

Dietrichis a German name that means "people's leader."

DoronDoron is a Hebrew name that means "gift," and your new baby boy is unquestionably a gift.

Dylanis a Welsh name that literally means "huge tide.

DanielA holy Hebrew name that literally means "God is my judgment."

EhudA name that means "beloved" - ideal for the baby boy you will adore.

EiladA biblical name that means "God is eternal."

EliA Hebrew name that means "ascend" or "uplifted" - a biblical High Priest.

EmanuelThe biblical name Emanuel means "God is among us."

Emoryis a German name that means "head of the home" or "leader."

EthanStable and long-lasting

Ezrais a Hebrew name that means "assistant.

Frederick is a German name that means "compassionate commander"

FinnA warrior is an individual who is resilient and brave and will battle for what he values.

GarrettA protector prioritizes others above themselves.

GavrielA variant of Gabriel Gideon: "God is my strength."

GilIn Hebrew, it signifies "joy" - a person who is joyful.

Graysonis indeed an Old English name that translates as "son of the bailiff.

GadMeans "lots of luck"

Hardingis courageous and strong.

HelmerA warrior's fury

Harveyis an Old Breton word that means "blazing."

HirschYiddish for "deer."

IvorA bow-wielding warrior who is bold, powerful, and determined.

Jacobis a biblical name originating from the Hebrew word jasper

JordanThe name of a famous river is derived from a Hebrew phrase that means "to pour down."

JossA abbreviated version of Jocelyn, but now a separate name

Judeis a shortened version of Judah.

JulesOut from Ancient Latin, it signifies "son of Juno."

Kalmanis a Hungarian name that translates as "compassionate."

KaseySimply means "vigilant" or "awake,"

KeaneIt means "old" or "remote" and has a magical ring to it.

Kellyis a genuine fighter.

Kendal"illustrious effigy - anyone adored and revered."

LeonardYou're as bold as a tiger, as powerful as the lord of creatures.

LeviThis other biblical name, however, is a cool name for a small boy.

LowellAdolescent wolf, powerful and courageous, but with much to gain

MaddoxBeneficient, compassionate, and honest.

Magnusis a brilliant person who is respected and adored by everybody.

MatthewA divine gift - a wonderful blessing

Nissimis a Hebrew nickname that means "miracles."

NoachProperly "tranquility" - Someone who is serene and quiet.

Norrisis a caregiver who is adept at caring for things and people.

Neroncourageous and powerful

OscarRepresents "God's Sword."

PhoenixA mythical bird that is regenerated from its own flames - a metaphor of everlasting.
Quentinis a Roman name that signifies "birth fifth."

Reggieis a diminutive of Reginald, which means "wise ruler."

ShaunMeans "God's favor."

Tobiasis a biblical name that signifies "God is perfect."

Urielis a common nickname that means "Prince of light" or "God's blaze."

VelvelRepresents "wolf" in Jewish - a fierce and strong warrior.

Wyattis a young warrior.

Yoramis a Hebrew name that signifies "God will lift him up." - a religious person.

ZacharyA minor biblical prophet whose name signifies "trying to remember God."

100 Reborn Baby Nursery Names Ideas For Girls with Meaning

100 Reborn Baby Nursery Names Ideas For Girls

Aurorais a natural beauty. Kind and compassionate toward all living creatures.

AngelAppearances angelic but is actually diabolical on the inside.

AmeliaShy and meek, but ethereally lovely.

AlexaShe's flirtatious and playful, and she's a lot of fun to be around.

AgnesMysterious and exotic; the nice lady everyone wants to meet.

AdeleSweet and friendly, yet with a sinister streak.

AdaElegant and reserved but breathtakingly beautiful.

AbbyShe's attractive, fun, and always up for a joke.

BambiExtremely attractive, yet a touch ditsy.

BeatricePreppy and lovely. Can appear a bit stuck up, but tonnes of fun when you get to know her better.
Blairis tall, slender, and naturally lovely.

BonitaTrue to her nickname. She is extraordinarily attractive but not pompous, and she enjoys herself.

Brookeis witty and gorgeous. Everybody thinks she's amusing.

BryonyQuiet and introspective. She has no idea how stunning she is.

BlakeAlways adheres to the rules, yet she's an animal when she lets her hair down.

CadenceSoft-spoken and meek, yet with killer beauty.

Callieis a cheerful and lively 18-year-old. Everyone is my friend.

Candyis naughty yet lovely. Has a nice personality.

ClawsThis cat has teeth. Take care!

CeceHer finest work is done in the bedroom.

CeliaPretends to be naive, yet she knows a thing or two about satisfying men.

ChastityShe fails to live up to her name. Puts it around... a lot!

ClariseShe knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

Daisyis both innocent and stunningly lovely. Every male wants to humiliate her.

DanaShe has both beauty and intelligence. Serious, yet enjoyable to be around.

Daphneis pleasant and warm. Girls aspire to be her, and men aspire to be with her.

DarcyShe dresses in clunky boots and plenty of eyeliner. Badass and seductive.

DedeHot but cruel.

DelilahAthletic and seductive.

DeloresI'm always drawn to older men.

ElinaShe enjoys being the focus of attention and is stunning enough that she always is.

ElizaShe can be neat and tidy at times, yet she can be wild when she lets free.

EllaCute and funny, yet underappreciated.

EmeldaYou are so gorgeous. Both men and women fawn at her feet.

Emmalineis a strong woman who speaks up for what she believes is right.

ErinSweet and lovely, yet a little basic.

FelicityShe appears to be lovely, yet she has a dark side.

FloraEnjoys stripping nude in the wild outdoors.

Fernis a free-loving hippy chick.

FaithHas no faith in anything. Lives solely for pleasure.

FleurAs lovely as an orchid, yet very cruel.

GillianAdorable, but a little dowdy.

GaynorEnjoys being in command in the bedroom.

GiaDevastatingly gorgeous, yet tormented.
GraceBeautiful and calm, though a little dull.

Gingeris free-spirited and carefree.

HarperClever. Always pulling practical jokes on people.


She appears to be quiet, yet she is wild in the sack.

Hesteris constantly in trouble.

Hazelis lovely, but she overdoes the cosmetics.

HarmonyHer singing voice is as lovely as her face.

ImogenDisplays lingerie and attempts to sleep with rock stars.

IsobelShe's lovely, but she's clumsy.

InesReceiving positive people, then gossips about them behind their backs.

IdaShe dresses well, but she can never find matching underpants.

Ivyis beautiful, yet she has toxic inclinations.

JamiePlays coy, but will have an affair with anyone.

Jessais cool and worldly, but she has problems. There are several difficulties.

JunoBeautiful and strong, but yet quite cruel.

JadeShe shines a little brighter than everyone else.

KaylaShe is sweet and hilarious, yet she allows others to take advantage of her good nature.

Karais constantly striving to fit in.

KarlySensual, yet with a dark and gloomy aspect.

LailaAlways attempts to do the right thing, but frequently fails.

LaurieShe believes in real love and happy endings.

LenoreShe is adored by men everywhere, who like writing her poems.

Lenais intelligent, attractive, and accomplished. She is scary to men.

LaraPrefers to be in command.

LaceyOh my God. She speaks like a valley girl but has never gone to California.

MackenzieYou're hardly the brightest tool in the shed.

MacyShe is loyal to her friends but takes time to warm up to new individuals.

MaloryEverybody knows if she's sweet or a liar, but she's definitely attractive.

MaddieNormally logical, yet easily swayed by a hot boy.

MargotUndeniably beautiful, yet she believes she is superior compared to everyone else.

MelodyMusic gives her a sensual vibe. Bands with dogs.

NancyBeautiful and fun, yet she hides behind a mask to protect herself.

NoraAn ugly guy transformed into a bird with killer beauty and a great attitude.

NaomiShe's so lovely and attractive that men adore her.

OliviaShe works really hard and defends others, yet she goes insane when she lets her hair down.

OctaviaEnjoys travelling and having flings with strange individuals.

OpalRarely dull and universally adored.

PaytonHas good intentions, but always does the wrong thing.

PatienceGoes pursues guys who have issues and believes she can help them.

PaigeBeautiful, but believes she's funnier than she is.

QuinnShe is very attractive, but she is shallow and obsessed with fashion.

RayaShe will never back down when she is incorrect.

Ravenis beautiful, yet she is also dark and mysterious.

Reneeis curvy and really attractive.

ScarlettShe is breathtakingly gorgeous, yet it makes no difference to her.

Sophiais the most well-liked girl you know. Always out on dates or with pals.

TaraIsn't aware of how gorgeous she is.

UrsulaShe's stunning, but she's hiding a deadly secret.

VeraShe may appear demure, but this lovely lady is a tiger in the sack.

WillaBecause she only dates the most extraordinary people, potential suitors are constantly striving to please her.

Xandrais adorable and amusing. Always fiddling around.

XenaShe works out frequently. Men may find it intimidating.

YvonneShe never wears makeup and is naturally beautiful.

ZaliBe nice to everyone.

Zoeis fashionable and enjoys dressing up.

ZuriExceptionally talented and dedicated.

These are just a few of the countless imaginative titles given to reborn dolls of the highest calibre. The names are both adorable and easy to pronounce, making it easier for the children to learn their friends’ names. The significance of the dolls’ presence is amplified by giving them different names.

reborn dolls

A collector’s relationship with a reborn doll is likely to be strengthened by one of the unique reborn baby nursery names ideas given above.

Choosing a name for the reborn doll isn’t difficult if you keep a few things in mind:

  • You’ll have to use your imagination to come up with rebirth baby nursery names if there isn’t a reborn baby nursery names generator tool to help you. Reborn doll name ideas can be found at the top of this list.
  • An adorable and simple name is ideal for the reborn doll’s name
  • You are free to come up with names that are humorous or jarring.
  • The names of the reborn dolls should be easy to pronounce so that collectors don’t have a hard time remembering them.
  • New, distinct, and meaningful names are required. People that collect reborn dolls are particularly interested in their names since they are so well-known.
  • Giving cute reborn dolls names is something that many people enjoy and find intriguing. Before deciding on a name for the reborn doll, you must first evaluate the doll’s personality and see whether it matches any existing names.

Good reborn dolls names are interesting and attractive to many people. Before deciding on a name for the reborn doll, you must first evaluate the doll’s personality and see whether it matches any existing names. Name-giving is a lot of fun, and people who have a deep affinity to reborn dolls like it.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite and best reborn baby nursery names.

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Q: What is a reborn baby nursery?

A: A reborn baby nursery is a place where individuals create and sell realistic-looking, handmade dolls that are designed to resemble newborn babies. These dolls, known as “reborns,” are created using a process known as “reborning,” which involves taking a vinyl doll and transforming it to look as realistic as possible through various techniques such as painting, rooting hair, and adding weight and texture.

Q: What materials are used to make reborn dolls?

A: Reborn dolls are typically made using vinyl as the base material. The dolls are then painted with multiple layers of paint to give them a more realistic skin tone and texture. Glass beads and polyfil may be used to add weight to the dolls, making them feel more like a real baby. Hair, eyelashes, and nails are also added to further enhance the realism of the doll.

Q: How much do reborn dolls cost?

A: The cost of a reborn doll can vary greatly depending on the artist and the level of detail and realism in the doll. Some reborn dolls can cost a few hundred dollars, while others can cost several thousand dollars.

Q: Can reborn dolls be used for therapeutic purposes?

A: Some individuals use reborn dolls for therapeutic purposes, such as coping with the loss of a child or as a tool for bonding with a new baby. However, it’s important to note that the use of reborn dolls for therapeutic purposes should be discussed with a professional therapist or counselor.

Q: Are reborn dolls safe for children to play with?

A: While reborn dolls are not intended to be toys and should not be used as such, they can be safe for children to play with under adult supervision. As with any decorative item, it’s important to keep reborn dolls out of reach of young children to prevent choking or other hazards.

Q: Can I customize my own reborn doll?

A: Yes, many reborn artists offer the option to customize a doll to your specific preferences. This can include choosing the dolls gender, hair color, eye color and other features.

Q: What are common names for reborn baby dolls?

A: Common names for reborn baby dolls can vary depending on the artist and the individual doll, but some popular names include Emma, Olivia, Ethan, Liam, and Sophia. Other names may be chosen to reflect the personality or appearance of the doll, such as “Precious” or “Angel.”

Q: How do I choose a name for my reborn doll?

A: Choosing a name for your reborn doll is a personal decision that can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the doll’s appearance, personality, or the theme of the nursery. You may also choose to name your doll after a family member or loved one.

Q: Can I change the name of my reborn doll?

A: Yes, you can change the name of your reborn doll at any time. It’s your personal choice.

Q: Are there any specific naming conventions for reborn dolls?

A: There are no specific naming conventions for reborn dolls, as the naming process is a personal choice. Some reborn artists may have their own naming conventions, but ultimately the decision is up to the individual who owns the doll.

Q: Can I give my reborn doll a unique or made-up name?

A: Yes, you can give your reborn doll a unique or made-up name if you choose to. The name is entirely up to you, and you can use any name that you like.

Q: Can I name my reborn doll after a real baby?

A: It’s up to you, but it’s important to consider the ethical implications of using a real baby’s name for a doll. It might be best to avoid using a real baby’s name if it would cause any confusion or offense.