Self-Study Guide for Learning JavaScript

Learning JavaScript

JavaScript is known as the language that helped set up the internet. More than 95% of websites are built with the help of JavaScript, and even newcomers to the IT world quickly recognize the features it brings to the table.

Many believe that you must possess exceptional and even “unattainable” skills to master coding. However, all you need is passion and dedication to perfect the ins and outs of your calling. Nowadays, there is no single career path as popular as coding. However, this career path branches into millions of fields requiring specific coding language expertise.

Despite its vast applicability, JavaScript is not as difficult as you might think. However, to succeed in the field, you need the right helping hand to guide you through the steps and challenges toward your ultimate goal.

Is JavaScript easy to learn

How much time you’ll spend learning JavaScript depends on your approach to mastering the craft. While studying alone is extremely rewarding, you might need a helping hand now and again, especially when the material gets challenging. With the help of experts who will show you how to learn JavaScript effectively, you can expect to develop a working proficiency in the language in six to nine months.

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When compared to other languages, such as Haskell or C++, learning JavaScript is a piece of cake. This shouldn’t discourage you, but rather motivate you to strive to learn as many coding languages as you can.

The more coding languages you know, the more hireable you will be. This is especially the case if you can master both the front and back end of development.

Don’t jump right in

You will first have to ask yourself why you have chosen to work in this field and industry. If your main goal is to develop websites that entertain and delight visitors, you have selected the correct language. For those that already possess a keen eye for designing, combining their coding skills with their design prowess will ensure that they find themselves on profitable projects.

But before you jump into JavaScript, you should begin by learning the fundamentals of coding, such as HTML and CSS. These two languages are the core of building functional web pages. HTML provides the structure, while CSS allows you to express your creativity by designing the whole webpage layout, color, font, etc. 

Sideline the books and focus on real projects

The only way to learn JavaScript effectively is to apply the learned theory into practice. So while focusing on learning the theory will, of course, benefit you, becoming a master coder will stem from you using that knowledge every chance you get.

Sideline the books and focus on real projects

Build a small team with which you can hone your skills and share ideas about how the overall project can improve. This will help you understand how to work with a group of people and increase your project management skills.

Don’t stop at front-end development

While JavaScript is viewed as the front-end development language, its back-end applications can be as robust with the proper framework. Node.Js is the framework in question, and it allows JavaScript to tap into the user experience of development and ensure that the whole website is optimized, responsive, and secure.

In addition, if you master the front and back end, your chances of being hired will increase as well as your annual salary. While the back end could be more appealing, others love optimizing websites for perfection.

Contribute to open-source projects

GitHub is the place where coders gather and discuss their latest passion projects. Here you can find individuals that require help with their latest project. You should be quick to hop on a project and showcase your skills.

While you might not be ready to manage a whole project yourself, this process will allow you to pinpoint where exactly you need to improve and expand your skill set. The only downside to this learning method is that you might feel extreme pressure to deliver and impress yourself and fellow coders.

Final thoughts

Mastering JavaScript will enable you to open the gates toward a bright career and set yourself up for a healthy financial future. While it’s commendable that you want to master JavaScript by yourself, we advise you to take the shortcut and seek the guidance of well-established JavaScript experts.

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