Selling SEO: 6 Tips For Agencies To Get More Sales

Selling SEO

Ideally, word-of-mouth advertising is an excellent way to win more clients because it requires zero effort from your business. Therefore, you must always seek to sustain these recommendations to ensure projects would make up a percentage of your revenue. 

However, you’ll need to develop a modern approach to attracting new prospects to your agency instead of relying on this activity.

With the ever-rising competition in various industries, you need to develop an active client acquisition plan to get more qualified prospects. This strategy combines engagement and media tools to gain new customers by targeting them through online and offline purchasing journeys. 

By effectively implementing this tactic, you help nurture these prospective clients through the sales funnel that may convert them into loyal customers.

In this article, you’ll learn six surefire strategies to gain more sales for your agency.

  1. Enable Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) provides you the power to deliver the exact answers to the questions of your ideal customers. In addition to traffic and visibility enhancement, this digital marketing component contributes to the authoritative voice of your brand in your industry. 

With this high authority, your existing and target clients will develop a strong sense of trust in your agency, which leads to brand loyalty. And this is key to any business wanting to expand through the ranks. The more loyal customers there are, the better for the bottom line.


As a local SEO reseller, you need to practice this essential online tactic before you begin helping your prospective clients. So, you have to strengthen your digital presence to ensure effective content and brand development marketing by having an active presence on various social media channels. Then, you should produce SEO-friendly articles and send them to high-authority sites to boost your readership, which builds your expertise and authority.

  1. Build Your Brand

If you want organizations to trust your SEO agency, you need to provide them with a clear image to let them know who you are. With this in mind, you should develop the groundwork for your agency to determine what it stands for. 

You must also figure out its differentiator to establish a marketing tactic that leverages your company’s strengths. It should be something that sets you above other white label SEO companies.

When establishing your agency’s brand, you have to identify its value proposition to know what can make your prospects choose your services above the rest. Then, determine what types of clients would want your SEO services so you can diversify your client portfolio in the long run, giving you a solid footing. 

Moreover, you must find out which niche your team has the most experience with and use their familiarity to your advantage so you won’t have to train them in learning other niches. This strategy saves time and effort while constructively making use of the team’s strong suits.

  1. Improve Social Media Monitoring

With recent technological developments, social media plays a significant role in helping agencies and other businesses attract a wider audience. As you increase your content visibility on these platforms, you’ll receive more link clicks, get content indexed quicker, establish brand demand, and identify the audience for your content.

Social media can also help you generate relevant ideas based on recent trends, driving additional traffic as you wait for effective SEO. After all, most of the public spends a large amount of their time on social media daily.

Social Media Monitoring

As you establish your agency brand on various social media channels, you may conduct an in-depth competitive analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Therefore, you need to activate social media monitoring on these channels to seek opportunities by scanning web pages and public forums. As a result, you can compare the edge and vulnerabilities of your agency, helping you enhance your business processes.

  1. Seek Guest Blogging Opportunities

As an SEO expert, you already know the importance of guest blogging because this proven strategy is a fail-safe way to establish your online reputation. This happens when you invite an external individual to write a blog on your website.

You can significantly impact your search engine rankings by producing quality blogs regularly, bringing more traffic to your site. Quality content for a blog would be something that the audience will find of value. The writers need to draw in the readers to read the latest offering without becoming bored with the content.

Find an excellent writer through a simple Google search or use an advanced search operator to speed up the process. Ensure they have experience writing in your niche. Alternatively, you may consider visiting your main competitors’ websites to check backlink profiles and see any recent links from guest posts.

  1. Collect Testimonials From Existing Clients

As you attract new leads to your agency, your marketing campaigns alone won’t help you persuade prospective clients to trust your services. Instead of telling them what you want them to hear, they might want to hear positive reviews from other customers to make them want to engage with your brand.

Thus, you have to gather client testimonials to boost your client acquisition strategy. Existing clients that have only good things to say about the service they are receiving will spur others to try it for themselves. Their review makes the company seem more trustworthy to potential clients.

If you have customers with whom you have established solid relationships over time, you should connect with them and ask for genuine feedback. Once you end up with a pile of these recommendations, you might need to consider developing an entire page for this content. This creates infallible social proof and credibility for your agency, boosting its sales revenue.

  1. Highlight Your Industry Knowledge

As you enable positive testimonials to back up your agency, you want your prospects to see the industry knowledge you gained through the years. You can increase the visibility of specialized expertise and boost market influence to reach organizational goals with thought leadership marketing.

Once you continue to provide people with accurate and valuable information, they will respect you for doing so, which makes them want to be associated with your business. Building trust could take a while, but it expedites the process by being honest. Clients and staff alike will want to be a part of current and future endeavors if they have the peace of mind your honesty brings.

Whenever you open new job opportunities in your agency, ensure you hire ones who know what they’re talking about so you can gain a competitive edge. Besides, you should post informative content by inviting inspirational guests on your podcast and share them on other online channels to gain more views. Furthermore, this strategy must be a continuous effort to sustain your agency’s relevance by showing everyone that you’re an expert in your field.

Key Takeaway

As an agency owner, you must actively explore modern ways to promote your services so you can reach more prospective clients. Hence, you need to consider the six strategies discussed here to ensure company success by establishing a good online image.

Ergo, these tips will help you nurture your existing customers and gain more website visitors who can become loyal clients. Using various tools of the trade honestly could build more bridges for the company. Not only with clients, but with staff too. Sharing your knowledge with others will see many great returns for your business.