SEO tips you need to know in 2020

SEO tips

Over a few years, the world of search engine optimization has changed. The basics of the SEO have never changed like; targeting keywords for improving ranking are unable to work again in the same way. However, the selection of the appropriate keyword is still worthy enough. Apart from getting SEO juice, keywords unveil plenty of things regarding users and about what they are struggling with.

Now the question comes in mind that is link building fading away? Should I still use my energy to on Page SEO? How you can make your title tags enable you to get the rankings with the search engine. Is there any point where SEO and social media get collision? We have to know about the useful tips for SEO that show better results.

The post which I am writing at the moment may give you the answers you are looking for at the moment, but today I am going to discuss the most important SEO tips that you need to know.

SEO tips
Basic SEO tips to optimize the website easily

Get rid of anything that slows down your site

A slow page of your site can make users frustrated, and they can leave your page rapidly without buying your product. Therefore, slowing down your site page, it’s the kiss of death in the current online market these days. The one-second delay in page can cost you almost 7% conversions. The potential buyers do think that a slow site is not a trustworthy site to purchase anything.

Therefore, you need to make your site pages speedy enough to make more and more conversions. The eConsultancy, says 40% of the buyers think that a 3-seconds delay of the site to load is not a trustworthy one. Therefore, the competition becomes higher, and the speed of your site does matter a lot. You can get rid of all the unnecessary things on your site slow down the site pages to get load. Suppose you are a WordPress user, you have to deactivate the plugins that are not worthy.

Link with sites content according to your niche

To grow your blog need to link out other blogs. Moreover, always make sure to link with the relevant and authoritative sites and content pages. It is one of the fundamental parts of smart SEO. You need to Links your site with the most relevant and higher authority sites to grow your blog readers.

Create Content for humans first & Put Search Engine second

The old fashioned SEO techniques produced content full of keywords, and your site or blog got ranked. Now it is out faded, and you have to write content that is friendly for the reader, and it should be easy to read and wrathful to read. Therefore, use the keywords naturally, and always create content for humans but not for the search engine in the first place. Create content for readers in the first place and then go for the Search engine.

Interact with trustworthy sites to get links

When you get to follow and nofollow links, you will have natural links that would benefit your site, and Google will reward your site. Therefore, you need to create engaging and high-level content that produces an urge for other bloggers to link to your site.

Write Meta description related to the Page for SEO

The Meta description is an element that people see when Google shows your page in search. The search engine does not reward the duplicate content. The duplicate content on your site cannot give you success. Similarly, duplicate Meta would be a problem for you and put your page in trouble. No matter if you don’t get penalized even then you will not get benefit out of it. Therefore, you cannot afford a Meta description for a page that refers to email marketing and on a page that makes sales. So, always write a Meta description unique and relevant to the page.


The above mention is the most important SEO tips that can help you out to make your site of the next level. Practice these tips on your site you would have far better results compare to your previous experiences.