Benefits and drawbacks of classical education

classical education

The process of facilitating learning and attaining knowledge of skills, values, habits, and beliefs is called education. In this modern era, education is necessary to live a life. Education gives society better citizens and conscious people.

There is no doubt that the development of the nation depends on knowledge and education and society always strives for the development of its education system.

There are different types and methods of education and the most common type is classical education.

What is Classical education?

Classical education traditionally includes the study of Latin and Greek to strengthen the understanding of language and to allow students to read western classics of western civilization.

classical education
The fate of empires depends on the education of youth

Roman and Greeks civilizations introduced classical education over 2,000 years ago. Classical education comprises three parts or phases

  1. Grammar phase

  2. Logic phase

  3. Rhetoric phase

During the first part, children are encouraged to spend their time in learning some common and important facts. This helps the teachers to lay the foundation for advanced study in the future.

The second process takes place during middle school.  instead of telling a student about the fact, they are encouraged to ask what is being taught and learn with the help of arguments.

The third and last part of the process takes place during high school, during this part students are encouraged to learn according to their opinion and ideas.

Three different parts of C.E work effectively to enable the students to learn essential skills as they grow up. This education system is designed to make the best use of students’ inner potential.

Benefits of classical education

 The strong base for children

The biggest benefit of this education system is that it provides a strong foundation for children to get higher education. Learning occurs in more different stages which have been very helpful for students as it allows anyone to continues learning topics within the four walls of the classroom.

The production of a logical thinker by classical education

It cannot be denied that the CE method has succeeded in producing great thinkers who are not only literate but also take a logical approach to solve all the issues that may face in life.

This not only works to improve the quality of life of an individual but also take the whole world and nation on a positive path of development.

The natural stages of development

Children develop at different rates. But there are some development stages through which all children have to go. And classical education methodology is designed by keeping these steps or stages in mind.

This ensures that the children have the ability and potential to deal with all challenges that may be face to students during school or any other educational setting.

Love for learning the language

Science and academic has changed over the last two decades. Individuals are now particularly encouraged to pursue higher education and learn different languages. It has also been observed that many individuals familiar with multiple languages due to classical education.

Drawbacks of classical education

Emphasis on memorization

The most well-known flaw of the classical education system is that it too much emphasis on memorization. Within this system, students are actively trained to memorize various facts and ideas to get better marks and grades.

It does not much better when an individual needs to do a lot of exercise or practice. So that skills should be developed during schooling instead of focus on memorization.

This education system is strict

The classical education system is very strict or rigorous for both students and teachers to explore a topic or subject matter beyond the curriculum. Due to the  rigidity of this system, students face difficulty and confusion to learn through this education system

lack of skills in education

As describe earlier classical education system is rigid and encourages students to memorize various facts. Because of this, students are not capable to develop the appropriate skills for analytical critical thinking.

It does not give the students the proper skills to seek a career in science and advancement.


The classical education system is divided into three parts and all these parts are designed in such a way that the aptitude of teachers can b fully analyzed and develop.

Advantages of this system include it encourages to learn multiple languages and develop great thinker. And its drawbacks include it is strict and emphasis on memorization.