Tips for Cleaning Your House Before Vacation

Cleaning House Before Vacation

TIPS FOR CLEANING YOUR HOUSE | Thank goodness it’s that time of the year again – everyone is getting ready for vacation. And while you are most certainly planning what to bring for your vacation, making checklists, and packing bags, you may have forgotten about to plan how to make sure your home stays clean while you are away.

Once you get back from the vacation you will certainly be very grateful you don’t have to do some big cleaning. Think about cleaning before leaving, so you can enjoy a clean and fresh home once you are finally back.

Of course, if you hire trustworthy professional help you won’t have to worry about these things, but if you choose to take care of everything yourself, here are a couple of things cleaning pros at My American Maid say you shouldn’t forget about before you take off if you want to avoid some unpleasant surprises afterward.

Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Start with the kitchen. Make sure you wipe the counters, cooker, and oven, but even more importantly, pay attention to these things. First of all, go through your fridge and throw out everything that has gone bad, or will likely go bad while you are away.

Once you do that, you might as well wipe the fridge on all sides. Most of that food from the fridge will go to the trash, so this is the next very important point.


Do not leave any sort of garbage in your house, especially not organic waste, otherwise, you might find some roommates when you come back.

Finally, another source of mess and bad smell in the sink. So please make sure you wash the dishes and clean the sink before your trip.

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Wash Those Clothes

The next area you should take care of is the bathroom. Makes sure you throw out the bathroom garbage as well, but even more importantly, make sure you don’t leave any dirty laundry to wait for you to come back from vacation.

Also, you will have a pile of dirty laundry from the vacation to wash, imaging having that many clothes to wash on top of that. Wet towels and soiled clothes can make quite a mess while you are away, so you will want to wash them before leaving.

Cleaning House

Additionally, having as many fresh sheets as possible after a long trip and a long way away from home can be really soothing and comforting, and will definitely help you get the much-needed rest after the traveling.

Finally, you will certainly need some clean clothes for the trip, so washing them before the trip is certainly necessary. While you’re at it, you might want to take out some old clothes you’re not wearing anymore or maybe donate to someone.

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General Cleaning

It may not be your priority among general pre-vacation packing and panicking, but it would be a good idea to actually find the time and clean your house before you leave.

It doesn’t have to be deep thorough cleaning, just general dusting, vacuuming, and wiping.  If left unattended, the dust and other dirt will easily pile up, so at least make sure they pile up from scratch – there’ll be less work for you when you get back.

However, if there’s piles of rubbish or your bins are overflowing you don’t want them to stay in your house while your away, as they may attract pests and mould, especially if you’re away for a while. If this is the case you may need to contact rubbish removal services before you leave so they can clear your house of these nasties.

Go through all the rooms and vacuum the carpets, wipe the floors and clean the dust. Also, you don’t want to trip over things and step on somebody’s toys the moment you return.

That’s why it would be great to tidy up everything, collect all the things which are lying on the floor and around the place, and make sure your home welcomes you neat and clean.

Now that your home is clean, you can go and enjoy the vacation knowing that there’s a fresh and clean home waiting for you when you come back.