5 Vital Tips for Taking Your Swift Programming Skills to the Next Level

Tips for Taking Your Swift Programming Skills to the Next Level

Since replacing Objective-C in 2015 as the standard programming language for Apple devices, Swift has quickly taken over the macOS and iOS ecosystems and is now responsible for thousands of apps you use daily on your MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads.

Its popularity has grown exponentially since 2015, and developers started utilizing Swift for various purposes unrelated to Apple OS. Today, it’s one of the top ten programming languages in the world. Many communities use its power for Apple, Windows, Android, Linux, and other front and back-end purposes.

However, with so many active users and coders, finding a job as a Swift developer is challenging. It’s why we’ve decided to create this short guide and show you how you can rise above the competition as a Swift developer.

Make continuous efforts

As Swift is one of the youngest programming languages, it constantly receives various updates, changes its functionality, and updates its features. Staying up-to-date with these changes can be challenging, but it’s also a necessary step toward becoming a professional Swift developer.

Make continuous efforts

Keeping Swift up-to-date on your devices is also vital, as you’ll be among the first to see the newest changes, which you can quickly adapt to your daily routine. Similarly, joining beta testers and downloading beta versions of Swift can further improve that.

Rising above the competition and succeeding as a developer of one of the top ten programming languages in the world will also require a lot of work. You’ll need to continuously code and use the language to learn all its functions and features.

Utilize package managers

Until 2022, Swift used source-based dependency management since its creation in 2015. However, the creators of Swift also added support for registry-based dependency management last year, which brings many benefits to the table and improves Swift package managers.

By utilizing the power of Swift package manager by JFrog, you can quickly master Swift dependency management and take your Swift repositories to the next level. Whether working with local, remote, or virtual repositories, registry-based dependency management brings various benefits to coding with Swift.

Colleagues can speed up their entire Swift app creation process, increase the speed and reliability of continuous integration and deployment systems, and improve the overall security of Swift-based apps, regardless of their platform.

Join online forums and coding websites

During the eight years it has existed, Swift has gained tremendous recognition. The developer community has also increased to countless millions of users. These developers spend a lot of time on various online forums and Swift coding websites, helping others and learning from each other.

Therefore, joining such forums and websites makes sense. Each time you need help, thousands of Swift users will be willing to give you feedback. They can review your code and share knowledge with you.

When you have a coding problem or find something challenging, you can quickly get help from these communities. There’s also a high chance someone has already encountered a similar issue you’re facing.

Furthermore, you can help novice coders get started or contribute to various open-source projects to gain knowledge.

Embrace debugging

Professional coders know that coding is only a part of the entire picture, whereas debugging is the most significant time-draining aspect of creating apps. Most coders spend hundreds of hours debugging and testing their code, and they know it’s vital.

By embracing these aspects of coding, you’ll be able to find and fix any possible bugs in your code. Your apps will be reliable, and you’ll have high-quality code that others can read. Learn to love debugging, as you’ll undoubtedly spend most of your time doing it and pushing your code to perfection.

Build apps in spare time

As mentioned above, being a Swift developer and staying ahead of the competition requires time, work, and effort. You’ll need to continuously work on your Swift projects and use the programming language daily.

Build apps in spare time

However, even that isn’t enough. As competition is fierce and massive, getting to that senior Swift developer job will require even more. Instead of just using Swift at work, starting your own Swift projects at home is also highly advisable. Try creating your apps from scratch.

You’ll be able to practice your skills and learn new coding tricks that might be helpful. Of course, you can also add your application to the Mac and iPhone App Stores. Depending on your app, it might create a vast user base. That can also bring profit.


Rising above the competition and becoming a proficient Swift developer is a career opportunity that can earn you a lot of money and be incredibly fun. However, it also takes massive dedication and a lot of effort to improve your Swift coding skills.

You must code with Swift frequently and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Moreover, you should utilize the power of Swift package managers and join as many online forums and coding websites as possible.

Finally, you’ll have to code your Swift projects at home and learn to love debugging as you’ll spend a lot of time testing your apps.