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Writing for a blog is the most ideal approach to connect with the rest of the world. It doesn’t make any difference if you just do it to share your experience or promote your business.

However, contributing to a blog isn’t just about writing blog posts. Even after publishing your content, there’s a lot more to do. That is the place where tools for improving your blog become an essential factor to consider.

It all begins with extensive research and utilizing advanced blogging tools. While using tools only, won’t solve your issues, but they can assist you in getting more productive.

So, here are some incredible tools that will take your blog to the next level.

1.      Grammarly(one of the best tools for bloggers)

Regardless of whether you’re a native English speaker or non-native, still there are some possibilities that you might get trapped in spelling and grammatical errors while writing content for your blog. So, for those who are confused or stressed about the quality of their writing, Grammarly is absolutely a game-changer.

Grammarly, with the assistance of its AI-powered writing, permits you to write clear, bold, and error-free writing.  Additionally, you can get your writing feedback, and even get ideas on tracking down the right words to express yourself.

2. (2nd most trendy tool in the list of the best tools for bloggers)

To upgrade your blog for Google rankings or SEO purposes, the right practice is to do exceptional keyword research. Thus, the permits you to discover what your possible clients or audience are looking for on Google and make content by focusing on these keywords.

This tool gives you a chance to produce up to 750+ long-tail keyword ideas for each search term and all the outcomes are reliable. The amazing part is, you can utilize this tool for free and without making an account on their site.

3.      Hemmingway

Great help for bloggers who need to compose expertly and quickly, the Hemmingway application highlights basic grammatical errors, long, complex sentences, and points out different mistakes in your writing.

At this point, when you start using the Hemmingway application, it shows various errors highlighted by various colors so you can undoubtedly make changes in your writing. Also, you can organize your content right in the application and use it any place you need.

blogging tools for beginners

4.      Canva

Regardless of how amazing your writing is, you must need some graphical stuff to make your blogs more captivating for your audience. But not every person is a good graphic designer, so this is where Canva comes to the rescue. That is why it counts in the list of useful tools for bloggers.

By using Canva, you can design incredible graphics including posts, flyers, invitations, business cards, presentations, etc. When you’re done, you can use and save your graphic designs on your website freely.

5.      Desk

The desk is a small but awesome tool for writers and used for blogging, writing, and note-taking. It is a very simple but advanced application that assists you in organizing your ideas and making the content all set for publishing on your blog or site.

Desk incorporates various publishing platforms like WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. This application provides a massive range of visual styles, writing modes, and shortcuts. Also, there’s a preview mode for metadata and the ongoing editing section.

6.      Meme Generator

Each blog can perform well with a good meme. It’s a great method to put your message across. So, why not? If you really want to add a meme to your blog, rather than searching all over the web for an ideal one, you can get help from this tool-Meme Generator.

It is a great application with a user-friendly interface that permits you to look for or generate a meme. There are various categories of the most popular memes available that you can use with a little bit of editing.

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7.      Evernote

You can catch anything from the internet to text, pictures, and voice notes with Evernote. There are a lot of applications and tools for bloggers that permit you to save stuff to your account.

Your notes will be accessible from anywhere via a tablet, PC, or cell phone device. Also, with the capability to look at all of your notes thoroughly even content within photos, you’ll have the option to discover things quickly.

8.      Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is perhaps the most famous blog editor for Windows devices. You can make new and alter past blog entries, see what they’ll resemble on your blog before even publishing, and create numerous online blogs.

You can add things like videos, pictures, Bing maps, or recordings. Additionally, 100+ modules can be utilized with Open Live Writer to add more functionalities and enhance its usefulness. The best part is that Open Live Writer is absolutely free.

9.      Buffer

To stay informed concerning your site’s presentation and performance on social media, you should have a tool such as Buffer. It is an easy-to-use tool that assists you in publishing your business story on media and calculate its engagement rate among the readers.

Buffer permits you to plan your social media postings for the greatest impact. You can likewise utilize it to quantify your performance on various platforms of social media, generate reports, and get details about your campaign’s reach, rate of engagement, and sales rate.

10. Dropbox

Last but not the list in the list of best tools for bloggers, Dropbox. It is the greatest tool for syncing up files between your mobile devices and PC. There is a Dropbox application for pretty much every gadget and system.

There are considerably more integrations with other applications. So not only your important files are secure, but also, they’re with you any place you go. If you want to save your documents for later use, just save them by using Dropbox.

Wrap up

There’s a huge distinction between writing for a blog and publishing content to a blog for a reason. Do you wish your words will produce positive outcomes? If yes, then it’s an ideal opportunity to write blogs for a reason by using the strategy of focusing on the quality of your content.

So, these tools will be very helpful for you in improving your blog’s quality. If you’ll use them, your ROI will get improved for sure, since they assist you in focusing on business blogging.

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