What is the History Behind Roulette?

History Behind Roulette

While trying to work on the perpetual motion machine, inventing a game named roulette was a mere accident. In 1655, a French inventor, mathematician and a physicist, Blaise Pascal tried to work on a machine, that could work smoothly without drawing energy from the external source. In reality, building up such the machine is not possible according to physics laws, so instead of inventing the desired device, he invented roulette.

At the earliest, roulette was played only in Paris in 1796, and that version had both single and double zero. Later, in 1843, two Frenchmen invented a roulette with single zero, which led to the development in casino business with the game – try Aussie adventure slots.

Evolution to Modern Roulette

It is the age of online playing, so roulette also stepped into the online casino industry with all the other casino games. Well, it all started in 1966, when the first-ever roulette was introduced on the internet. There was no vast online gaming library as there used to be some online slot machines, and few blackjack tables. Similarly, it was also not available widely, and it took some years for till it got recognized as an online game that gives a matchless pleasure to playing through the comforts of your home.

Evolution to Modern Roulette

Later, roulette got evolved over the internet, and the players were provided with an extensive number of variants including French, American and European roulettes. Moreover, these variants are available to you from and at any part of the world via online casinos.

If we trace its history back, we could see how perpetual motion machine failed to develop, but today, it has excelled in popularity. It is available for roulette players to bet from iPads, PCs, Mac, iPhones, and many other devices.

Live Roulette Casinos

Still, people like to have human interaction and want to play against real people instead of machines. To cater such needs man online casinos have introduced live roulette studios where a live dealer is sitting and spins the wheel in front of a webcam.

Live Roulette Casinos

So, from time to time, online casinos keep introducing updates that facilitate the players in the live casino playing and bring them a realistic playing experience.

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Advantages of Playing Roulette Online

As we know that bulk of the gaming industry has moved to online platforms and casinos, so there are tremendous benefits of playing roulette online:

  •         It is accessible from the remote location irrespective of the time.
  •         Game rules are readily available over the site or internet, where you can always refer whenever you need.
  •         Online roulette could be paused at any time, and then you can resume from where you left.
  •         Players can get enough time to think without being influenced by the atmosphere of the real casino atmosphere.
  •         Free online roulettes are also available that you can try before playing for real money.

The modern online roulette has seen a great history and evolution from its discovery to its modification to enter the casino business. Today, it is widely played and enjoyed by the players across the world in its online form.