Zetpo Cat Nail Caps | Updated Review 2023


Are you searching for the best cat nail covers? Zetpo cat nail caps come forward to rescue cat owners from the stress of getting scratches on their furniture, skin, and clothes by their cats’ nails. If you are finding a way that will suit both your cats and you and will not affect the natural movement of your cat. Then, this product is one in a million options.

 Cat’s claw covers are alternative to declawing. Because declawing is outlawed in many nations, countries, and states, it has some major medical drawbacks that can cause critical health issues in cats. Further, It may change their pattern of sleep and litter activity.

 All cat owners love to cuddle, play, and spend time with their little furry friends. But the scratches and scars they receive from their kittens or large-boned cat while playing might be a nightmare for thin-skinned people. All cat owners are now using cat nail caps to avoid all these situations. 

Many pet owners are reluctant to buy any cat claw cover since they have to apply glue to reinforce nail caps. They fear that using adhesive on the cat’s paws might result in some trouble for their cat. 

It may create disturbance for a while, but choosing the best nail claw covers will ultimately reduce your stress and increase the playing and cuddling time with your cat.

What are Zetpo Cat Nail Caps?

Zetpo Cat Nail Caps are a revolutionary new way to safely and humanely manage your cat’s nails. These nail caps are made from soft, flexible vinyl and come in an array of vibrant colors ranging from bright purple to classic black. 

The caps fit snugly on the tips of your cats’ claws, protecting both you and your furniture from scratches. This is a great alternative to declawing, which can cause serious health issues for cats and is illegal in many countries. 

With Zetpo Cat Nail Caps, you can give your cat the protection it needs without the risk of long-term damage or discomfort. Plus, they look stylish on all breeds of cats! So why not try them out today? You and your cat will both be happy you did.

So while selecting any cat nail cover, the following listed factors must be on your radar list. 

Material of Zetpo Cat Nail Caps

 Plastic and synthetic fiber are core ingredients in manufacturing any kind of cat’s nail cover. So while purchasing the kitty claw caps, you must suspect the type of material used in the manufacturing. 

Because some plastics are highly restricted due to the presence of anti-environment agents. But fortunately, the manufacturers of Zetpo have produced an environmentally-friendly product. This cat cap is made from premium natural vinyl resin.

Cat Nail Caps Material

 This premium resin is nature-friendly and contains strong fibers that protect these little cat claw covers from any environmental and mechanical damage. Its high adhesive property protects your cat’s paw from any injury or harm. 

Due to their nature-friendly properties, they are Europe SGS environmental certified.

Comfortable and safe Cat Nail Caps

 These kitty claw caps are harmless, safe, and non-irritating. Users can expect cat nails to extend and drawback normally while wearing cat nail caps. These cat caps are made from premium resin, offering A-level safety and can easily be worn without much hassle. Their non-toxic property keeps your cat happy and active all day.

Zepto kitty claw caps

When your little friend is happy and active, it will ultimately give you a sigh of relief and can add more value to the playtime with your cat. Moreover, if you have a baby or a toddler, he can also enjoy his playtime with his buddy because this product assures you scratches-free surety. It will protect the sensitive skin of your little toddler from the nails of your cat.

Size of Cat Nail Caps

 If you fail to choose the perfect size for your little kitten or large-boned cat, you will regret buying this product or any product because overlarge or under small size can cause a major disturbance to your cat’s claw.

As a result, it will affect the health of the cat. 

nail cap

Because the cat will get frustrated, it might also cause pain in her paws. To choose the best size, you must choose the product that offers a variety of sizes, extra small to large.

Zetpo size range varies from XS to L. if you are a cat lover and owner of more than one cat, their different size range availability gives you a choice to pick any cat cap for kittens approximately extra small who weigh up to 5 pounds or less.

Likewise, if you are an owner of a big and heavy cat, you can choose their large size, generally manufactured for cats who weigh up to 16 pounds or more.


Usually, cats have no concern with their color. They can go with every color, from solid to glitter. But most of the customers demand particular colors for their little friends because they are very picky and specific about the appearance of their cats. 

For example, the cat owners who keep a male kitten or big male cats are usually reluctant to pick a pinkish, purple, or red color. No offense if you are also color-conscious about the items used by your cat. This product offers you a wide range of 52 color codes, from solid to glitter.


● It provides you with a money-back guarantee.

● It is scratch-free.

● The product contains strong adhesives.


● A cat’s nail may easily puncture it.


Is it safe to put cat nail caps?

Putting Zetpo nail caps is an alternative to declawing. It’s all safe and serves ease to cat owner’s life. People have different myths about using cat caps. Many people think it prohibits expanding and drawback claws.

safe to put cat nail caps

Similarly, some car owners thought they might damage the claws and nails. But by following some simple tips, you can make it all safe.

● Replacing nail caps after every 6-8 weeks.

● Always trim nails before applying application

● Take enough care while applying glue.

● Always choose the perfect size for a cat’s paw for natural movement.

What is the fastest way to remove a cat’s nail cap?

Removing cat nail caps through a cat’s clipper is the fastest and easiest way of plucking a cat’s caps out of nails. You need to gently hold your cat in a towel or blanket for better grip. 

Hold your cat’s paw between your thumb and finger and gently apply pressure over the caps. Squeeze the Soft Claw gently until its edges are loose enough to peel off. Even though the adhesive bond can often be removed in a matter of minutes, it can sometimes take a day or two to wear down.

Do kitty caps hurt cats?

No, kitty caps don’t hurt at all espasially Zetpo cat nail caps. They are non-toxic and non-irritating. They also don’t offer any resistance to the natural movement of cats. While wearing nail caps, Cats still climb, run, move, and cuddle. They save cats from major damage to furniture, clothes, and kids.

How do I know what size nail caps to use on my cat?

 You can identify the correct size nail caps by simply measuring the length or weight of your little friend. Usually, small kittens weighing 5 pounds or less are perfect for the extra small size of any cat’s nail.

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