4 of the World’s Weirdest Bitcoin Purchases

weirdest bitcoin purchases

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and the most valuable. A single bitcoin can be worth more than a staggering $66,000. As this currency became more and more valuable, more businesses started accepting it as currency. Today, there’s no shortage of things you can buy with Bitcoin. Some of these items are truly baffling. We’ll talk about some of the weirdest Bitcoin purchases you can make in this article.

weirdest bitcoin purchases

Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list. You could fill up entire books listing all of the things you can buy with Bitcoin.

  1. Mammoth Tusks (1st in weirdest bitcoin purchases)

If you have some Bitcoin lying around, you can use it to buy ancient mammoth tusks that were found in Canada. Stretching 8’6″ long and 9’6″ long, these two tusks come from one of the most legendary creatures to ever walk the earth–the Wooly Mammoth.

Mammoth Tusks

Each one weighs over 100 pounds, so you’ll need some help transporting them. You’ll also need $175,000 worth of Bitcoin, which works out to 3 Bitcoin.

While fossilized tusks are a strange thing to buy, and a hard thing to store, they can also make a sweet decoration and conversation piece. Imagine being at a party and telling your guests that you own actual wooly mammoth tusks.

  1. Original Macintosh Computer

One of Apple’s earliest creations in the world of computers was the Macintosh 128k, also known as the Macintosh 1984. Being almost 40 years old, these are quite primitive for computers, and they give you an appreciation for how far technology has come.

Original Macintosh Computer

The name 128k refers to kilobytes and was the amount of space on the computer’s RAM (Random-access memory). This term refers to the amount of unsaved data the computer can hold without saving.

The Macintosh 128k also had a floppy disk drive, for additional data. Floppy disks held 400 kilobytes of data. Compare this to a modern flash drive, which can hold a few gigabytes (1 million times greater than a kilobyte) of data.

While not as valuable as mammoth tusks, these computers can still fetch a pretty penny on the market, with the estimated value being $1500-$2,000.

  1. Food Purchased Using Bitcoin

Perhaps the most surprising thing you can buy with Bitcoin is the thing people buy every day–food. Whether you’re having a pizza delivered, going through the drive-thru, or buying some snacks online, Bitcoin can help.

Why someone would break a $60,000 coin for $20 worth of food is perplexing, but you can do just that.

  1. Socks

A big plus for Bitcoin, as bytefederal.com will attest, is that it’s convenient and you can buy a lot with it, including socks. Crazy socks have experienced a Renaissance in recent years (take it from an avid wearer), but it’s not just funny or creative things that are being put on socks.

You can also buy socks made from alpaca wool, which has a lot of advantages over sheep wool, and even more over cotton.

The Weirdest Bitcoin Purchases That Can be Made

As cryptocurrency has grown in value and popularity, the list of things that can be bought with it has grown longer. We’ve discussed some of the weirdest Bitcoin purchases you can make in the paragraphs above.

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