7 Lazy Ways to Burn More Calories Every Day

Ways to Burn More Calories Every Day

What picture do you draw in your mind regarding weight loss? A plate with diet foods and some exercising gym equipment. Why make weight loss a war when it’s as simple as eating chewing gum. Isn’t this too simple, and does it gives actual results?

Yes, it’s simple, uncomplicated, and effective. The perk is it works! Simple things do show results. Why opt for a complex way when a lazy way can help you get results. It’s all about metabolism that is the driving force in weight loss.

The journal HealthCanal defined that fast metabolism is a sign of good health and it should be a priority to make changes in your daily routine to include actions that can help us do so. Let’s get to know those simple lazy ways can help you hit your weight loss goals.

Ways To Burn More Calories Everyday

The trick to lazy weight loss is influential and straightforward. You might be performing these activities every day but actually didn’t know that they are helping you in weight loss. Here are seven exciting ways to help you burn more calories as a part of your weight loss.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum actually helps to get you in shape. It burns down calories and speeds up the metabolism. Chewing gum works as an exercise that burns calories and exercises facial muscles.

Chewing Gum exercise

It also suppresses the urge of hunger, keeping you away from extra calories. It will help tone down your facial muscles and reduce your double chin if you have one. Choose a sugar-free chewing gum and chew it whenever you feel like snacking on extra calories.

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Drink Cold Water to Burn More Calories Every Day

We all know the importance of water, it quenches thirst, but it also helps lose weight. Staying hydrated is vital, and a glass of cold water is best for your metabolism. Drinking cold water is associated with increased metabolism.

Drink Cold Water to Burn More Calories Every Day

When you drink a cup of cold water, your body burns extra calories. The extra calories are burned to bring the cold water to the body’s temperature. This leads to an increase in metabolism for a short time. Increased metabolism burns more calories that aids in weight loss.

Take Stairs for Weight Loss

Stairs were always your weight loss friend from the time they were invented. Why take up the elevator ride when you can push yourself to the top with stairs. They are an easy way to burn calories.

Take Stairs

You may not like to exercise, but if you take up the stairs daily, they can help you improve your weight and lower the risk of heart problems. Every time you come across two options: Elevator or Stairs. Choose stairs; it’s like choosing health over sugar.

Green Tea And Coffee

Green tea and green coffee have shown extraordinary results in weight loss. Sipping a cup of green tea daily helps reduce waist circumference and BMI and Lasix from https://www.healthytask.us/drugs/lasix-water-pill/ helps treat blood pressure issues.

Green coffee, too, has the same effect; it works by increasing the metabolic rate. It has shown significant results in cutting down belly fat in women.

In an article reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD, it is mentioned that green coffee bean extract is rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid; thus the reason it is common in weight loss and dietary supplements.

Eat More Spicy

Chilies have capsaicin that raises the body’s internal temperature. This rise in temperature boosts up your body’s metabolism process. It then fastens the burning down of calories, which further assists in weight loss.

A half teaspoon of chilies is enough to get the job done. Capsaicin produces a feeling of fullness that halts you from grabbing extra calories.

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Keep Standing

Situations like work from home have made people lazy. If you are too lazy and don’t have time to exercise, stand while you work. Even if you are in the office and have a desk job, stand and do it.

Standing helps in breaking down calories. This is beneficial in bringing you closer to your weight loss goals. You may burn 40-50 calories an hour just by standing at your work. Stand at your desk and work, take sitting breaks when it feels too tiring.


If you have stress, then it can push your body towards obesity. What if you laugh out all your stress? You will be better again. Laughing has a good impact on your mental and physical health.

A genuine laugh can help you burn calories, and doing it regularly will help you cut a significant amount of calories. Laughter improves memory, heart functioning, body weight, and immunity. So laugh every day by watching movies or spending fun time with family and friends.

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Weight loss is attainable even if you are lazy. Metabolism has to do a ton with your weight. Work on strengthening and increasing your metabolism first to help your body burn more calories every day.

Increased metabolism helps to Burn More Calories Every Day and to weight loss and can be done with simple lifestyle changes. Activities like taking the stairs, laughing, chewing gum, standing, eating spicy, and drinking cold water can raise metabolism.

Although there is no peak rise in metabolism while performing these activities, doing them daily can help. A simple lifestyle change can give you outstanding results for weight loss.