Best ROM for POCO F1 | 2023 Updated Version

Best rom for poco f1

In the past few years, Xaimo Brand has gained more fame. This device comes from the Xaimo brand, and it is Poco’s flagship. I consider this to be a budget smartphone. Back in 2013, the company unveiled flagship smartphones under its own branding at an affordable price. While this device has a great hardware configuration, there are some software issues that need to be addressed.  The Poco F1 is an Android phone powered by Mi’s MIUI OS. People want the best ROM for their F1 devices for this reason.

In August of this year, Xiaomi Poco F1 launched. It came pre-installed with Android 8.1 Oreo. Aside from its excellent specs, Xiaomi says its phone can be rooted without voiding the warranty.

In the following table are the best customs for Xiaomi Poco F1 that can be flashed within minutes. Beyond the numerous custom ROMs available, below are seven of the best.

The list of best rom for poco f1:

Providing a smooth user interface, as well as optimal performance, is the main purpose of the custom ROM. MIUI has a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 or 8 GB of RAM, which is suitable for custom ROMs.

  • Pixel Experience
  • Cr Droid
  • Omni ROM
  • AOSP Extended
  • Nitrogen OS
  • Havoc OS
  • Resurrection Remix

Nitrogen OS:

In this article, we would like to share with you the best ROM for Poco F1 based on AOSP. Although this ROM has some limited numbers, the performance and stability are on par with the standards for which it is renowned.

Nitrogen OS rom for poco f1

If you want limited functionality alongside great performance and stability, then this is the ROM for you. This ROM is optimized for Poco F1 devices, so you will have a great time using it. This ROM comes with Android Pie but there are minimal bugs. They get fixed whenever they update.


  • Navigation and status bar also include in this
  • Use Custom Power
  • Menu Gesture Include
  • Lock Screen
  • Quick Setting Buttons

Pixel Experience:

Pixel experience has always been the best for the Android operating system. In addition to pixel experience, Xaimo poco f1 has hd wallpapers, boots, animations, and sound effects.

Pixel Experience rom for poco f1

Gcam comes with all Pixel devices. When you flash the ROM of your Android device, you don’t need to download GCam separately.

Google Pixel devices are often used for taking photos because of the excellent quality of their cameras. The camera software plays a crucial role even though most Pixel devices only come with one camera hardware.

There are not many extra features on Pixel Experience as it is mostly a clean port. Because of this, it is a very stable and battery-efficient ROM. It is updated regularly and fixed bugs when they arise.


  • Based on Android
  • 10 G Apps
  • included Weather
  • lock screen
  • Automatic theme
  • boot animation
  • Don’t need to internal storage

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CrDroid ROM’s main purpose is to make Android perform better and more reliably. In addition to offering some of the most popular features of regular Android apps, the app is aimed at being a step up from regular ones.

CrDroid rom

Further, who read below will learn about this feature which is based on advanced power, menu lock, lock screen and modification.

The Crdroid ROM based on OSLineage. Beacsause of OSlineage it gives many feature then others ROM.  Also, if you have LineageOS, you won’t be able to use some of the features in it.]


  • Pixel look
  • and feel
  • crDroid Music and File Manager
  • crDroid settings art
  • LineageOS features

Omni ROM:

A custom ROM like OmniROM can be installed on any Android device, not just POCO F1. A stock Android experience is offered by OmniROM and it’s based on AOSP.

Omni ROM

A custom ROM like this offers a great deal of customization while maintaining a very stable system. It is well-known that OmniROM is innovative, so you are in good company. RR and LineageOS roms are used in poco f1 of customization options.


  • Omnigears Advanced options
  • reboot system include
  • settings Dynamic notification
  • drawer headers Used

Havoc OS:

Among the top custom ROMs for POCO F1, Havoc-OS comes in first place. Based on AOSP and featuring a Material Design 2 user interface, the smartphone is a copy of the Google Pixel. Even though Havoc-OS doesn’t offer the best battery backup, it should last a day on moderate usage.

Havoc OS

However, there are several additional features and options that can be customized based on your needs. now making it a good alternative for your daily drive.


  • Based on Google pixel and AOSP
  • 2 user interface
  • Good battery backup
  • Moderate use

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AOSP Extended ROM:

If you wish, you can customize this ROM to your specifications. The simple interface is based on stock Android, and it offers several customization options.

AOSP Extended

There are several good custom ROMs available for various Android devices, including AOSPExtended. For the Poco F1, it’s the best custom ROM out there.

You won’t find any annoying bugs once you flash this custom ROM on your Poco F1. This custom ROM offers various customization options as well as a clean UI experience


  • DUI and DU Font Engine
  • Theme Engine with Rootless Support
  • Status Bar Customization
  • Back Button Kil Background Apps
  • Toast Icon.

Resurrection Remix:

You could refer to the Resurrection Remix ROM as a technical ROM for settings. Furthermore, this ROM supports GAPs. The reviews are positive.

Resurrection Remix rom for poco f1

In the past few years, Android users have flocked to the Resurrection OS. In this case, if you are looking for a custom ROM with a stable base, check out the Resurrection Remix custom ROM.

Poco F1 is now officially shipping with resurrection remix, codename Beverly. With this software, your device runs smoothly and cleanly. Resurrection Remix OS is a good OS for devices, so you’ll enjoy using it.


  • Technical ROM for adjustments
  • Supports GAPs
  • Resurrection OS
  • runs smoothly and cleanly


Is it safe to install custom ROMs on POCO F1?

A: Yes, it is safe to install custom ROMs on POCO F1 as long as you follow the instructions carefully and choose a ROM from a trusted source.

Will installing custom ROMs void my phone’s warranty?

A: Yes, installing custom ROMs will void your phone’s warranty. However, you can always go back to the stock ROM if you need to claim your phone’s warranty.

Can I switch between ROMs easily?

A: Yes, you can switch between ROMs easily as long as you follow the proper procedure for installation and backup your data.

Final Words:

                       The following are the best ROM for Poco F1. The ROMs differ in features and performance; some are advanced and feature rich while others, like Arrow OS, offer stock Android experience.

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