CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Dogs with Arthritis

CBD OIL FOR DOGS WITH ARTHRITIS | Arthritis is a common problem in dogs because mostly all diseases of the joints lead to the appearance of infection and chronic pain. Certainly, large and obese pups are more prone to this disease, as well as those who have low activity levels. Still, arthritis most often occurs due to aging, injury, or deterioration of the cartilage lining the joints.

Many symptoms can indicate the presence of arthritis, which you can find out about on this page. Joint degeneration causes chronic pain and swelling, making it difficult for the diseased animal to move. That further leads to other health problems. If you don’t control the initial disease, your pet will fall into a vicious circle.

The harsh truth is that there is still no cure for arthritis. However, with the help of therapy and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), it is possible to slow the disease. But if you are looking for a safe and effective supplement to ease your pup’s health issues, CBD oil may be worth your time and effort.

How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs Safely

The hemp product industry has become quite competitive. Since the regulations in this section are not yet completely clear, the market itself is a gray area where new brands and products appear almost every day. But not all of them are reputable and trusted. So in order for your pet to get the highest potency of cannabidiol, buy CBD oils that are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to safe CBD oil administration is the amount of THC in it. While people tolerate some lower doses of this cannabinoid fairly well, that’s not the case in animals. The dose of THC in pet hemp products should be minimal, and it is best not to have it at all. So always choose isolated or broad-spectrum hemp-based oils for your dog.

CBD Oil for Dogs Safely

In order to determine the proper dosage of CBD for your pet with arthritis, you must consider several factors. If you don’t want to mess up, ask your vet to prescribe the best cannabidiol amount for a sick animal. These experts will assess the severity of your pet’s condition.

Besides, your vet will also want to consult with you regarding your dog’s lifestyle, weight, and nutritional intake. By working closely with your vet, you can develop the best dosing schedule that will best meet your dog’s needs.

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Easing Discomfort

Some dogs have a genetic predisposition to osteoarthritis, like those whose parents have this disease. This condition can be put under control by using CBD oils as prevention. It’s an excellent way to boost immune response and prevent inflammations that can cause joint issues.

But when their cartilage is damaged due to injury or disease, it becomes more difficult to prevent joint degeneration. Still, studies have shown that CBD for dogs with arthritis has anti-inflammatory properties. That’s how it stops the progression of arthritis.

Reducing Inflammation

Another benefit of CBD for dogs with arthritis is that it can act as an anti-inflammatory agent. This natural remedy can even stimulate cartilage regrowth in response to inflammation. This oil is rich in fatty acids, too. They are known as great sources that will relieve your pet’s discomfort and promote overall wellness.

More tips on helping your pet suffering from arthritis see below:


In some recent studies, it was shown that CBD slows the progression of arthritic change along with steroid use. There are no proven adverse reactions between these pharmaceuticals and CBD. By working together, these two remedies decrease the inflammation occurring in the affected joints and diminishes the pain.

Despite oral use, which can bring almost instant pain relief to your furry buddy, it can be massaged into painful spots. This massage can ease discomfort and reduce inflammation right on the spot.

Some pet owners might even mix these products with carrier oils (coconut, olive, MCT, etc.), healthy fats, and moisturizing agents for making excellent pain balms and lotions. You just have to gently smear these on your pup’s joints.

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Better Immune Response

Despite pain relief, more reasons support the use of CBD for dogs with arthritis. One is that CBD oil provides a distinct level of immunization to dogs with genetic predispositions for arthritis.

Better Immune Response

It strengthens the immune system so that your dog’s body can fight off infections. Cannabidiol acts on the animal’s endocannabinoid system, in charge of proper immune response to disease development.

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Scientific Evidence

One recent research studied the effects of CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis. It looked at the effect of this compound when given to dogs who had already been prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. This study showed that CBD had no harmful side effects in dogs nor reduced the effectiveness of conventional treatment.

The most important finding was that CBD is a natural, not a pharmaceutical substance. It can help repair the joints by providing essential compounds needed for cartilage repair and maintenance. Cartilage repair is critical for dogs with arthritis. Without it, their mobility and overall life quality worsen.

Overall, the benefits of CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis are tremendous. This is because it reduces inflammation, keeps joint mobility intact, improves circulation, and boosts hope for both sick animals and their owners. For these reasons, feel free to ask your vet to recommend CBD for dogs as a first line of treatment.