Do I Need to Make 3D Rendering In-House or Outsource?

3D Rendering

Rendering – is a very system demanding process. Usually it’s handled by the processor, but there are programs which allow the computation to be pushed to the graphics card. Because of the mining hysteria, graphics cards have become very expensive, so this way of rendering, although faster, is more expensive. It is only justified if you need to do very large calculations (house rendering services).

Engage in 3d rendering itself or turn to a specialist – everyone’s choice. Entrusting this task to a specialist, you will save time, but you may not understand some of the processes. Doing the rendering yourself – painstaking and not quick work, which may not go well enough. You may end up having to go to a programmer anyway. Weigh up the pros and cons and decide.

If you do decide to try rendering, here is what you will need:

  • a computer for 3D modelling. In games, developers are just catching up with today’s hardware, trying to put more stress on it. 

Modeling three-dimensional objects hits the hardest part – power. Even the most advanced toys haven’t dreamed of the kind of power that the humble 3DS Max can eat. At first glance, everything is quite democratic. But the required power increases depending on the gravity of the scene.

You can create gray-scale models on such builds as specified in the system requirements. But once you’ve applied textures, shaders and effects, you’ll need to render. Even on a powerful processor, a modest kitchen interior will take half an hour to render. 


A workstation for 3D modelling should be built on a powerful processor. The minimum recommended pebble is 4 cores at 3 GHz or higher. In this case you can get a finished picture from the scene in half an hour to an hour. These figures are very approximate and depend directly on the detail and selected effects.

On the GPU rendering is much faster. After all, they are honed to process such models quickly. For example, a graphics card for $400 will process a scene faster than a server processor with 22 cores for $3,500. RAM can be put in almost unlimited quantities, but graphics card memory cannot be increased.

The maximum memory size for it is 16 GB at the moment. This memory is faster than the RAM. But the cost of cards with more than 8 GB memory is astronomical. Rendering on them is not profitable, it is better to buy a powerful CPU (3d real estate renderings service).

Several video cards can be used together even without SLI mode. A couple of such cards will fit nicely even in a small case. The advantage of this method is also that you can use your computer in normal mode, while your video adapters will be sweating over the task at hand.

The number of video cards installed at the same time is clearly greater than the CPU. After all, you can’t put a second CPU in any way, and 6-7 video cards can be connected to a good motherboard via adapters.

If you are not going to render on a video card, you should buy one. You will need several screens. This will greatly speed up your work and allow you not to switch between windows. Monitors with 4K resolution are recommended for AutoCAD. Ideally, this should be at least the main monitor.

The best option in terms of cost and performance is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. It does not cost much, has 8 GB of memory on board and performs well in rendering.

In terms of speed, the card beats the Intel Xeon with 22 cores, and it costs 8 times the price. However, it is designed for gaming, it will be limited by a driver designed for completely different tasks.

A hardware-like NVIDIA Quadro P4000 professional card handles 3D rendering better, but it’s more expensive. In games this wonder of technology will show themselves much worse even than mid-range graphics cards, but in designing it has no equal

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  • popular 3D modeling software: 

Blender is the most popular 3D software. It has a huge set of tools. Completely free and has Russian language support. The only drawback is the complex interface. Its use is universal, but it is most popular with owners of 3D printers. 

popular 3D modeling software

SketchUp – also a powerful tool with a large set of functions, it is also russified. This miracle was developed by the great and powerful Google. There is a free version with limited capabilities that allows you to try your hand without investment. It is used by novice interior and furniture designers. 

SolidWorks – is a universal program that has been recognized as a tool for creating technical models. It is widely used in industry and can be used to draw mechanisms, parts, and electrical wiring diagrams.