How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House ?

How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House

Rekeying a house is simple when you own a house, if you rent it out, or if you are a tenant. Locks should be re-keyed or replaced before you move in to ensure you are the only one with the key. Many major brands back up lock hardware. Because the functions of locks haven’t changed, the brand of hardware you chose shouldn’t affect the cost of re-keying your home.

Rekeying a House

Purchased a home recently? Getting rid of a housesitter then? Locks need to be rekeyed! What will it cost? Rekeying is explained in this post, and its costs will be explained as well. Depending on which locks you use, we can estimate the cost of rekeying each lock at 13$, and then we determine the total cost. The same logic applies here if you are rekeying individual locks. The most cost-effective way to rekey a house is to visit a lock shop

The types of locks:

  • Mixed hardware
  • Non-standard hardware

Mixed Hardware:

You may need to replace some locks if you wish to convert them from multiple keyways to a single one.

Non-standard hardware:

The cost of rekeying a house can be increased by non-standard hardware, especially if the house has electronic locks, double-sided locks, or accessibility problems.


Locksmiths, on the other hand, are often preferred by homeowners to visit their property instead of replacing locks. You may need to spend more or less to rekey your home, depending on its location.


There are three doors in the average home, with each door having two keyholes. In most homes there are six keyholes. These locks would cost $78 to rekey. Therefore, a local locksmith may be able to fix your locks if you have the option.

What the heck is Rekeying?

First of all, let’s understand what rekeying is. There will be more to the key than just replacing your car key or a new key for your front door. An internal pin is re-set to a new combination through the process of changing its combination. By doing this, the old key will no longer work, making this a more cost-effective solution than replacing the locks altogether, often costing one-third of the price of a new lock.

Costs can be spent as follows:

There are many factors that influence the cost of rekeying a house or car. A lot depends on the type and number of locks that need rekeying. It is, however, the time the locksmith spends on the job that plays the biggest role. Rekeying a lock will typically cost $40 to $60 per lock when a locksmith visits your location.

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Typical costs of rekeying and recycling locks:

Rekeying a cylinder can cost as little as $25. Each locking door costs between $80 and $180 depending on how many you have.

Rekey a House

A replacement deadbolt or lock costs much less than replacing locks and keys. Lock installations usually cost $85, $100. The cost of replacing your entire set of locks can easily increase if the job takes too long.

Rekeying your locks can have several advantages:

  • Don’t make any mistakes. If you try rekeying your locks yourself, your lock will probably be destroyed.
  • Hardware and locks need to be replaced when you could have avoided the problem and expense by hiring a professional locksmith.
  • To ensure your locks are secure, make sure your old key won’t work.
  • It is possible to increase your security by hiring an expert to rekey your locks.
  • You can also rest easy knowing that your home or office will have brand new locks if you choose this option. When older locks are in use, they make crooks pay attention to them, making picking them harder.

Should I rekey or replace my locks?

Generally, rekeying a lock is much cheaper than changing the lock because key pins for the locks are extremely cheap. When you rekey your locks, you only pay for labor, but if you get your locks replaced, labor as well as parts are charged.

Save Money:

  • It is cheaper to have your locks rekeyed instead of replaced, and they are just as secure.

Costs associated with rekeying locks:

  • What kind of door/lock is it?
  • Is it accessible?
  • Do I need to prepare?
  • Where do you live In the event of an after-hours or emergency situation these are costly situations for locksmiths.

Useful tips to hiring a locksmith:

Your home locks need rekeying, so you have decided to hire a locksmith. You are aware of the possible factors that will affect the cost. You can use the following tips when hiring:

  • Whenever possible, find out about their work history if you’re unsure of their credentials.
  • When you’re in a remote area, try to stay in an area with good lighting. Hold the phone so the locksmith can arrive and identify themselves.
  • The locksmith may lack expertise or try to make you pay more when you are locked out. Dialing an ad that proves to be a long-distance operation involving a middleman is the definition of a scam. Get the name of the company and check reviews ahead of time
  • In addition to installing and picking locks, locksmiths should be proficient in identification technology.
  • The existence of a list of certified locksmiths facilitates roadside assistance in the event you get locked out of your automobile.
  • Combining as many services under one visit as possible to increase revenue, such as duplicating keys.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 New houses should be rekeyed?


        Change of locks is wise when you buy a new home since it is hard to determine who else is in the house. Therefore, you should change your locks when you purchase a new home. You should always keep security at the top of your primary concerns.

Rekeying is offered by Home Depot?


         You can rekey doorknobs, deadbolt locks, and cylinders can be rekeyed. The cost to rekey locks purchased at Home Depot or elsewhere, such as Schlage and Kwikset locks, is $5 to $50.

How do pin trays work?


Providing a ready supply of pins for a busy seamstress was made easy with pin trays. In general, they resembled a miniature dish with a recessed well and a wide flange for easy handling.